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Liberation through Belonging


We will never belong where we fit. Fitting is not the same as belonging. Belonging comes from fiercely attending to the creative act of living your life, following your calling, rooting into your deeper knowing and allowing it to usher you into a field of possibility that your logical mind knows very little, if anything, about.

The more you allow yourself to be in this fierce orientation to a creative endeavor of living your life, the more you will step out of the places you fit and find your way to where you belong…

Because first and foremost, you will belong to you. You will belong to this being that you have attended to, that you’ve shown up for, that you’ve paid homage to, that you trust, that you honor, that you respect, and that you love. 

That’s what will allow you to create something in the world that you can point to and say, “This is part of the reason I’m on this planet—to be a vehicle for this expression.” 

Sitting in that deep place of such deep self-honor, respect, and love is where belonging stops being a quest… because it’s a given. 

It just is. It’s the air you breathe. And when belonging simply is, there is a freedom you experience like you have never known. 

Now, why is it so important for you to experience this kind of freedom, like a succulent fruit that you can bite into and savor? 

Because at a soul level, you are here to be a liberator…

And what is it that causes the need for liberation? Oppression.

And when people are no longer oppressed, what are they? Free. 

So if you are here to be a liberator, you must be on the path of blossoming into more and more freedom in your life. Not the freedom that comes from chasing success, wealth, stature, or fame…

But the freedom that comes from living a life where the search for belonging has ended. 

The more freedom you live in and live from, the more freedom you express in this world, the more you become a beacon of liberation. 

To live this life, you must continually cut away that which does not belong. You must continually prune—bless and release anything that keeps you inside the box of fitting somewhere.

Belonging isn’t found in fitting in; it’s etched into the very fabric of your being. Through your courage to defy the boundaries of merely fitting, you become a living testament to the freedom born of true belonging – and that’s the freedom we’re all hungry for.

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