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Taking your place in Humanity’s New Story


Happy Juneteenth my friends. This is a historic day where we celebrate liberation – and today’s message is about liberation.

Because your soul came here to be a liberator. Liberation is in your bones, it’s in your spirit, it’s in your blood. Liberation is your soul’s mission – your own liberation and the liberation of others. 

Liberators are a group of people in the world who typically had compound adversity in life. Some of your ancestors were enslaved. Some had spirits that were enslaved. 

You as a liberator today probably had your own compound adversity, especially in the first part of life. More difficulty, more pain, more challenge, more grit in the oyster. There were more things that we had to face and work through that put us on a path of transformation, so that we could then become a guide for others.

We truly liberate ourselves by moving from our own journey of healing and liberation to sharing the gifts of our journey. In doing so, we make sense of all the pain and challenges we’ve been through. It helps us see why it was necessary and how it can be used. 

It helps us provide the fruits of that labor, the gifts born of those challenges. And the more we can see the beauty of the fruits of our labor, and share them with others, the deeper we understand the real purpose and value of the challenges we’ve gone through.

So how does one liberate others?  

First, you unlock doors for people. 

If someone’s in a locked room or jail cell and you have a key, you start by unlocking the door! 

Help people get present by having them feel seen and heard –  two really basic human needs. When people don’t feel heard or seen, they feel alone, and when they feel alone, they feel like there is no way out.

Do this by centering your attention in your heart and then extend that love and care from your heart to theirs. From that place, see beyond the illusion of their perception of self into a deeper truth of who they are, and tell them what  you see in them. 

Help them see that truth – help them see that reflection, so they can see themselves anew and see beyond the illusion of their bondage.

Second, open the doors for people. 

Opening the door is done by granting them hope. Be a messenger of hope. A beacon of hope. Tell people that there’s a way out of whatever situation or circumstance, and whatever consciousness or thinking is producing the challenge they’re having in life right now.

And if they’re ready for their own liberation, they’ll be able to hear it from you because you started by seeing and hearing, thereby unlocking the door. 

This is where you help them broaden their thinking, broaden their perspective, broaden the way they see the world and themselves, and in doing so, you help them see the illusion of being trapped, shackled, or stuck. 

Third, show them a pathway forward. 

Help them see what is possible for the expression of their soul in this world! You show them the bridge from here to there, from where they’re stuck to where they’re called to be.

You do this by calling to them from the other side. This is a term guidance gave when Tim Kelley and I used to teach purposeful marketing together years ago.

Calling from the other side means that you’ve already crossed this bridge of transformation, and you stay rooted on the transformed side. Then you call back to them from that side, rather than crossing back over and joining them in their misery.

Say to them, “Hey, there is a new world. There’s a new land waiting for you. Let me tell you about it and how to get here.”

Why is that so important? Because when you are seated on the other side of this transformational arc, standing in this new world and you speak to them from that world, you’re not just living in this new land…

You’re speaking in and from the consciousness and energy of that new land. And they can feel the frequency of that consciousness, even if their logical mind can’t fully comprehend it. 

They’re never going to be able to fully perceive the new land until they get there. They’re never going to be able to really get what’s possible for them, how it could be, what this new land is, as much as you might talk about it… but they can feel it in your energy. And people feel when something’s true. They can feel the truth that resonates with your message, and truth is what activates us and sets us free. 

This is the work of liberators, and you are a liberator!

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