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Let’s Talk About Story

Story is our mechanism for creation. The business you run, the life you live are all stories you are creating and living. Activating a new story for this world requires all of us to become adept at understanding story and role it plays in our lives.


Have you ever noticed that place where you go, “Am I really here again? I thought I dealt with this! I thought that I had nipped this one in the bud! And yet, here I am again, revisiting the same pattern and the same story.

You know that one, right?

Then you fight with yourself and your story… “If it wasn’t for this thing – this pattern – this old story, I wouldn’t have all these problems. Damn that story!

And so we turn that story into a villain, rather than seeing that story as an invitation to our hero’s journey, again, and again, and again, and again.

My guidance said to me, “Jeffrey, every time you visit that story, there’s something more waiting for you that wants to be revealed. There’s another gift for you to receive.”

So what if you hid all the gifts and resources you’d need for your journey in your core story? What if every time you revisited that story it wasn’t a punishment throwing you back into your pattern, but an invitation to retrieve the lesson or resources you needed for the next phase of your journey?

Think of your “old story” like a bank where you have a number of safety deposit boxes – each with a gift waiting for you.

It’s a place where you tucked away all the resources you’d need. They’re all there – everything you need. And every time you visit, you pick up the next essential thing for your journey.

It’s not a problem that needs to be solved – it’s an invitation!

So the next time you find yourself “in your stuff” rather than experiencing it as a battle against something that needs to be fixed, ask yourself, “What’s it an invitation to this time? What’s waiting for me here that I haven’t seen or known or encountered, at least not in this way ever before? What’s the skill or the resource, their awareness of the piece of wisdom that’s been stored away for me?”

When you see it that way, you bless that story, seeing it as a gateway into this bank – the doorway into this bank, where we have all this stuff stored waiting for us.

When we make our story the bad guy – the villain – then we become a victim of that story. But when we make our story our guide, we can be a hero on our own journey, learning from this guide called our old story.

Story is your gateway to truly being a creator – conscious story, consciously lived, consciously written, consciously examined, consciously used, consciously lived.

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