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Leading with Instinct & Intuition in an Emotionally Draining Time

Let’s face it – it can be emotionally draining to be alive in today’s world. As leaders, we must stay aware of and involved in what’s going on around us, without simply reacting to it… but how? Lead from your gut while connected to your guidance, so you’re leading from instinct and intuition. That’s the seat of power and wisdom, which allows you to respond and lead as a force for positive change.


All things have an evolutionary journey. Part of your evolutionary journey includes you blossoming into the understanding that you are a visionary leader in society…

And you’ve come to activate a visionary frequency of consciousness for the next evolution of our collective experience.

You cannot do this from your mind. 

The mind sees ‘what is’ and reacts and responds to it. But your gut and your guidance aren’t connected to the story of ‘what is.’

Instead, your gut is connected to your truth, your knowing, and your purpose. It’s the most fundamental expression of who you are – the base note, which is the root of the chord.

The more you are connected to that internal base note in your gut, the more you become a vessel that can be filled with continual insights from your guidance.

When you are connected to your gut, your guidance has a place to land, germinate and take root In you – and in this world through you.

As a visionary leader, you cannot be guided by your mind first and foremost.

You must be guided by instinct, which is in your gut…
And your intuition, which comes from your guidance.

That’s when you’ll be an intuitive and instinctual leader, activating an evolutionary consciousness in this world.

People want to follow leaders who lead from their gut knowing – not people that are in their minds, filled with ideas.

Leaders with interesting ideas make people go “Hmm, that’s interesting.” But people who lead from their gut and their knowing connect viscerally with their audience and activate the gut knowing within them, which is where true leadership and transformation take place.

Be an instinctual, insightful leader by leading from your gut and your guidance!

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