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Leading a movement


The leaders we usually credit with ‘starting’ a movement are usually those who put a voice to an energy that’s already in motion – a change that’s already afoot.

And they do it in a way that catalyzes others to join that movement. 

But are they the leader OF a movement? I don’t really think so. 

Are they leaders IN a movement? Absolutely.

We often hear this rhetoric about ‘starting a movement’ or being a movement maker.

But that’s not actually how movements occur.

Real movements address a deep hunger in this world – a hunger that is palpable, that we collectively feel, and is actively growing, looking for expression.

You very well may feel called to be a leader in a movement – to spark others around the thing you see and are called to stand up, step out, and give voice to.

But when people think, “I’m going to start a movement” the follow-up thought is probably, “How the hell am I gonna do that? Aren’t movements really big? Where do I start?”

When you acknowledge you can be a leader IN a movement, you can start right where you are.

And when you speak to both what’s been and what wants to become, you become a leader in a movement…

Whether you are aware that it’s a movement or not.

So attend to a hunger in the world that you’re called to address and give voice to!

And remember, you wouldn’t be called if you weren’t equipped!

Speak out my friend. Speak out.

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