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I Am the One


The purpose of these weekly conversations is not primarily to share information or spread ideas. 

The purpose of these conversations is to activate a deep knowing inside each one of us about our role in shifting this world…

Whether that’s one-on-one, in a team, in a company, in a community or in a country.

Specifically, it’s to activate the knowing that: 

“I am the one to do this thing!” 

(“This thing,” being what your life is calling you to do.) 

Am I the only one? Maybe not. Is my neighbor the one to do their thing? Yes. And is it true that I am the one to do my thing? Yes, absolutely. 

I am the one. I am the one. I am the one. 

When you simply acknowledge the truth of this statement, things become quite cut and dry, do they not? 

Am I the one to do this thing? Yes. 

Not – do I feel ready or capable?
Not – do I know now?
Not – does this scare me or excite me?

None of that. 

Simply, is it true that I am the one to do this thing? 

And that conversation is at every scale of your life, but specifically in your work life, it includes things like…

  • Have this meeting with this person
  • Working with this particular client
  • Launch this product or service 
  • Hire this person or join that person’s team 
  • Engaging a new project, like writing a book?

Am I the one to do this thing? 

And if I am not the one to do whatever thing I am doing, why am I doing it? 

Another way to ask this is, “Is it true for me to do this thing – in this way – at this time?”

Or is the reason I’m doing something rooted in obligation, scarcity, or fear?

And how do you know what’s actually your to do?

How do you access your inner truth and discern what’s actually true for you?

Let’s start here – you won’t find the answers in your mind. 

It doesn’t know what’s true for you and cannot know.

Your intellect can tell you if something is factually true (like the laws of gravity), but ot simply doesn’t have the capacity to discern whether or not something is true for you.

The problem is that we’ve exalted our minds to such a high degree that we default to the mind for almost everything. 

The good news is that there are instruments that are better suited for discernment:

Your heart.
Your gut.
Your intuition and guidance.

The moment you’re confused about the question, “Is this for me or not for me? Am I the one to do this thing or not?”

Go to your heart. Go to your gut. Go to your guidance. 

Does it move your heart? Is there a gut knowing that this is right for you (even if your mind can’t figure out why)? Is there energy or life-force there that you intuitively know is true? 

What if you’re stuck in confusion and can’t get a read on anything???

It may not be the time to know yet…

Or maybe your life is so filled with things that are NOT yours to do that you don’t have the space to hear or see what IS true!

That’s when it’s time to get ruthlessly honest about what is NOT for you. What ISN’T the thing? What DOESN’T belong in your life? And start clearing these things, activities, and people out of your life. 

You’ve probably heard about the law of attraction, which holds that we draw things to us that we place our attention on.

But the law of subtraction says that we must first remove what’s in the way to make room for what’s actually meant for us. 

Whoever this message is meant for, the message I’m hearing is that you have things in your world that are no longer right for you, and you know it.

You may have very little access right now to discerning what IS right for you…

But what ISN’T right anymore… well, that you can feel in your gut. That you know. 

Yes, it can be scary to admit it – especially when it comes to intimate relationships or where you’re currently making your money. And it can be challenging to actually make change.

But the message I’m hearing for you is this:

What’s waiting for you is substantial. 

It’s big – bigger than anything you’ve done before. 

It’s bigger than what you’ve imagined for yourself. 

It is designed to be so fruitful and so expansive that it stretches you and calls you forward.

This will help you inhabit more and more of who you are so you can give more to this world.

For many of us, we do not currently have the space in our lives for that kind of a blessing…

Not just the blessing to you, but the blessing that you get to be in the world. 

That is what this is a call to – being a greater blessing in this world. 

Hear this: you are a substantial blessing in this world as you are in this moment. So when you hear the words
“May I be a greater blessing in this world,” it can sound like “I’m not as much of a blessing now and I need to become one.” That is not this conversation. You are this blessing right now – full stop. 

And there’s an opportunity to share the blessing that you are at more and more expansive levels. 

Not because it says anything about you from an ego standpoint, but simply that this expression of your soul in this lifetime, is ready, prepared, available, and has the skills to answer your call and be a great blessing.

So may you be this expansive blessing. 

May you clear out of the way anything that blinds you from seeing or hearing what you are the one to do.

May you daily step closer to this living expression of this divine truth that you are, fully expressed in this world, claiming…

“I am the one to do this thing” and to be the one doing it.

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