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Hunger in a Tribe

There is always a well of hunger in a tribe. Every tribe, every community that is waiting to come into relationship with one another in service to something in this world has a deep hunger. This hunger is just sitting there, in the world, in your audience waiting for someone to both name it and create a space where that hunger gets fed. Naming this hunger is part of legitimizing it.


There is a great hunger in this world for something to be different. And that yearning is a result of experiencing brokenness in people’s lives or in the systems they engage with in society.

This isn’t working. I know it’s not working. I don’t know why it’s not working. I’ve tried everything I can to get it to work, and I’m at my wit’s end. I don’t know who else is feeling this. I feel really alone and I don’t know what to do.

That’s the hunger.

When we talk about humanity’s new story, it’s a hunger for the positive resolution of these broken systems.

Every tribe that is called to be of service to something in this world, has a depth of hunger. This is a palpable hunger that’s just sitting there… waiting for someone to name it and create a space where that hunger gets addressed.

Now, consider the people you serve and look at the terminally broken systems inside of their worlds.

This could be a broken system they are experiencing personally, like their marriage, health, or finances, or large broken systems they have hunger around, like our political systems, policing systems, or energy systems.

Ask yourself two questions:

1. Which systems are generating the most hunger for your people?

2. Which systems am I called and equipped to help address?

Keeping the answers to those two questions in mind, here are 7 steps you can take to gather your tribe to create change together.

Name the broken system and start putting words to that hunger. As people respond, here are seven steps to guide them through in community to resolve that hunger and step into whole new ways of being and functioning:


Step One: Feel the hunger of your tribe.

Feel into the hunger your tribe has, related to the terminally broken system you’ve identified.

Feel it in your own body, relate to it, empathize with and connect to it in your guts. That way, you create deep intimacy before you even say anything to your tribe.

Step Two: Name their hunger and legitimize that hunger.

So many around that deep in escapable hunger, feel so very much alone around it. That nobody is talking about it. Nobody’s speaking to it. No one’s naming it. And yet it’s there.

You legitimize your tribe member’s hunger when you name it. What you’re saying to them is, “I know that you have this hunger, it’s okay that you have this hunger, you are not the only one with this hunger.” You might add, “Here’s when I’ve experienced that hunger, and how I do experience that hunger,” which tells them they aren’t alone in that hunger.

Step Three: Invite them into their hunger.

So often that inescapable hunger is something people feel underneath the surface of their life, but try to push away because they don’t feel like there’s a solution for it… and that hurts.

When we as leaders feel the hunger first, then we name hunger and legitimize the hunger, we can invite our tribe to feel their hunger as well, knowing that we have a place for them to access the hidden solutions they seek.

Step Four: Provide a space for them to explore their hunger in community.

This is where you bring your tribe together to have them support one another along their hero’s journey. You provide a space for them to explore their hunger with other people that share their hunger.

This is where a community or tribe-based model for your business comes into play.

Step Five: Give them opportunities to explore and address their hunger – with other people that share the hunger.

Create opportunities for your tribe members to enter the field together, accessing exalted answers, transcendent pathways, and new directions that they have not ever seen or known existed before.

Have them share their understanding with one another, collectively creating a new picture of what’s possible and what they’re called to step into.

Step Six: Give them a path and light the fire.In this phase, you help them see the clear, concrete next steps to take as they step into whole new ways of being.

Then light a fire under their butts to get in motion. Help them do this together because we’re all stronger in community than we are alone.

Step Seven: They become ambassadors for this tribe!

As your tribe members step into their new worlds, they become living embodiments of what’s possible. That’s when they become ambassadors for the tribe, inviting others into the tribe.

The power of tribes is that they build themselves, so long as there is leadership and guidance to support them in doing so.


One final thing: YOU don’t even have to have the resolution or answer for your tribe. The answers to systemic problems are in the field… not necessarily in you. Your job is to create a space and provide processes for your tribe to encounter their answers and live into those solutions.

Again, the answer exists in the field – not in you… not in them… in the field. Put your people together and usher them collectively into the field, so they can encounter the answers and live into an evolved way of being, together.

This is what we mean by leading your tribe, and that is what we are inviting you into.

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