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How much of my fire can I let burn?

Identify where do you spend time in management of your own energy vs. having your energy accessible to your vision and the vision that wants to flow through you.

You often think that your bigger mission in this world is about the rest of the world, and it is. But the person that is first in line to be transformed by your own mission is YOU.


After all these years working with people, I find that there are 2 hidden places that many of us won’t go inside of ourselves, and it requires a tremendous amount of energy to manage it and keep it under wraps… energy that can’t be used for your mission.

I had a client who is very successful, but there was a part of her that was so tender and raw (almost bloody) inside that she had a really tough time touching it and welcoming it in. This part was simply off limits – to herself and to everyone else.

Much of the structure of the life she had built was unconsciously based on keeping these raw parts safely tucked away. Over the course of her life, managing this in the background over her life has taken a tremendous amount of energy. However, this was an energy drain she didn’t even know was going on because she was so accustomed to the cost!

There’s another client who was managing what he called the beast inside. Most of my clients have done a lot of healing around the tenderness, but less around their power. He described the beast this way: “It’s this raw, visceral, vital power inside that I feel deep inside. It’s exciting but it terrifies me, so I don’t walk around really in touch with it. I don’t trust it and I’m scared that if it got out I’d hurt people with my power, so I just keep it locked up and out of sight most days.” When your raw power isn’t harnessed, you can’t trust it. That’s when you spend a lot of time managing it and trying to keep it under wraps.

So we have these two different camps of management:

  1. Managing what’s raw and tender – that part of you that you don’t trust others with.
  2. Managing what’s raw and feels dangerous – that power you may not fully trust yourself with.

So what are you managing? Something raw and tender? Something raw and powerful that scares you? A bit of both?

Managing this usually isn’t happening consciously. Instead it’s an ongoing management you do in the background, like having a program running on your computer that’s taking a ton of resources without you even realizing it.

But we want you to look at where your energy goes. How much of it is allotted to management internally, and how much of it is allotted to service externally?

The path of the paradigm changer requires us to address and resolve the energy management inside, building deeper and deeper integrity and trust with. This allows your energy to be more available to be utilized to service outside.

Meet yourself where you are, shifting from moving away from these parts of yourself to moving towards them. It’s in meeting yourself where you are that you free yourself up to be all that you are.

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