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How Does That Work?

How does it work to show up, have no conscious idea of what to speak about or what to share, tune in and have something come through?

In every collective there is a joint yearning for movement. As a leader at all times you can tune into that craving and speak to it. And the most effective leaders consistently do this.


Sometimes I come into these streams with a sense of what the message is going to be. But most days when I come to a Tuesday livestream I have absolutely no idea what’ll come out. So how does it work to show up, have no conscious idea of what to speak about or what to share, then to tune in and have something come through?

Well, in every collective there is a joint yearning – a joint desire. And as a leader, you can tune into that craving and speak to it. The most effective leaders consistently do this. They tune into every single audience they’re in front of and speak to the yearning that’s underneath whatever the surface level topic may be.

Let me give you some examples in my own business. When I’m engaging in any form of communication, whether that’s teaching a class, writing an email copy, or coming to a live stream, one of the things I do is check in with my guidance beforehand and ask, “What does this collection of people need from me today?”

Every time I engage in this practice, there are always people who say things like “I really needed that today,” or “That was just for me!”… because I touched something in them that was wanting to be touched. Another way of saying this is that I named the question that was on their heart that they had not yet named.

With every assembled collective there are questions the audience doesn’t even consciously know that they have – but they have them nonetheless!

These unasked questions are sitting inside of them waiting for someone to give voice to them – to name them! And then to provide a path forward for the answer… which could be the answer itself, or a path for them to come to their own answer.

Marketing tries to answer the questions people are already asking – to bring solutions to the known problems people have. Logically, that would make sense and it’s appropriate for marketing.

But if you want to bring a deeper wisdom to your audience, there are also questions your audience is asking that they don’t even know that they’re asking! These are questions that sit just underneath their veil of consciousness… and these questions are just waiting for someone to give voice to them! When you do, something in them wakes up and says, “Ah, that’s the question on my heart, and I didn’t even know I was asking the question!”

You give them a gift simply by naming the questions. Then, if you provide either an answer or a path for them to come to an answer, or a mixture of the two, you’ve opened up a whole new field of consciousness for them. That’s when you add wisdom to your business and marketing.

Part of the reason these questions are unasked is because they live in a different field of consciousness than their ‘everyday’ field of consciousness.

As a paradigm changer, you are here to open up new fields of consciousness for your people… To say, “Hey, you’re living in this band of frequency of thought and being but, there’s this other band of frequency of thought and being, and what you’re really longing for lives there.”

What happens when you name the question they don’t even know they have, is you open up a new frequency of consciousness for the people who can hear the question. When you name the question they didn’t even know they had, there’s a whole new desire for engaging the answer – and that desire is rooted in the greater expansion of who they are! This dynamic happens, at every level – in individuals, in teams, in companies, in communities and in whole societies.

We call them CORE unasked questions – core, because they are foundational to that person or group’s expansion. It’s the question that must be named and lived into for the next expression of who they are.

If you want a deep and consistent abiding bond with your people – with your audience, and your industry, practice this one skill: tune into and name their core unasked question. In every assembled group, there very well may be multiple unasked questions. The question that YOU will be able to tune into is the question that YOU have the capacity to help people answer!

Practice naming these questions and your audience will see you as a leader, because you’re being one.


Want to practice this skill yourself?

  1. Tune into a group you are serving – this could be a talk you’re giving, an email you’re sending to your list, a program you’re writing… anything!

  3. Now close your eyes and get present. Feel your heart connect to a consciousness that is broader than your own mind – that grid work of consciousness that we can all tap into.

  5. Focus on this group of people and ask your inner guidance: What does this group need right now? What’s the yearning here? What am I meant to touch within them? What’s the core question that they haven’t yet named?

  7. Whatever you get – whether it’s a set of words, a feeling or an image – if there’s a response at all, write it down. Don’t concern yourself with it being “right” – if it feels true – if it moves you, that’s it. This is the core unasked question that sits underneath whatever the presented topic is.

  9. When you write, speak or present to this audience, speak to this deeper yearning and watch what happens!

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