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Hone Your Frequency

At the heart of your calling is a frequency of consciousness that you are to usher into the world as content. So often you focus on the content of your life but then there is the consciousness of life… the frequency inside that content.

#MondayInsight: Content or Consciousness?

Your calling is an expression of you – not something for you to attain or become. It is something for you to reveal. Everything is frequency and there is a frequency of consciousness at the heart of your calling. It’s the heartbeat – the engine of your calling.

You are here to first and foremost reveal this frequency of consciousness to yourself and then to the world. And how do you reveal it? How does the engine move into this world? With the wheels. That’s the content of life, the content of your calling, and the content of your business. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

The wheels aren’t going to do anything on their own. So if you’re wondering, why isn’t this going the way I planned? Why isn’t it moving as fast as I want it to? Why aren’t the doors opening? Why isn’t this flourishing? Why don’t I feel better about what I’m up to? Why is this so hard? We want to invite you to ask yourself, where is your focus? Is it on the wheels or the engine? Is it on the content or the consciousness?

When you are focused on the consciousness of your life and the consciousness of your calling, you are connected to all that is and the vast network of resources and intelligence that makes up this world. And so, when you are focused on the consciousness of your calling, you suddenly lock into a network of consciousness, that is all that is, that is oneness. And in the oneness, there is no lack. There is only resourcefulness. There are only ideal paths forward that get revealed to you and get revealed through you in this world.

Stuck with the content? Tap into the consciousness!

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