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Homecoming Guides


I’ve always appreciated that phrase that we’re all walking each other back home. 

The other day while talking with a colleague, she mentioned offhandedly that all of her clients/audience are existentially ‘homeless’. 

That idea struck a chord with me because the people in my community have a shared wound around belonging. It’s that raw human place of not feeling like we have a home in the world (or in ourselves). 

What occurred to me is that we’re all doing ‘homecoming’ work…

We’re all inviting ourselves back home and creating pathways for other people to come back home. 

Of course, we’re called to this kind of work! Who else would share this collective mission?

It would have to be people with a background of having felt other than, less than, cast out, ostracized, and alienated…

First in their environment, and eventually within themselves. 

Because that’s what sends us on the quest to find home, yes? 

That quest is what equipped us with the tools to help other people on their quests to find home. 

Home is the experience of ultimate belonging, giving us feelings of deep presence and deep aliveness. 

Is that experience not the yearning for all humans?

The path back home is through our brokenness – through the places we abandoned ourselves or locked certain aspects of ourselves away.

So the invitation is to look at your work and ask yourself:

How am I weaving the journey towards aliveness and belonging into what I do? 

How am I finding ways to touch the places in people that are rarely shared, known or shown?

Because that’s how we attend to the hurt in people and access the deserts of isolation where aloneness resides. 

If you’re willing to touch that within yourself and meet that within others, you will be doing the work of a homecoming guide.

And the more we bring people into deep presence and deep aliveness, the more they become deeply engaged in this world…

Able to bring their much-needed gifts to this world, increasing belonging and aliveness in the people they reach and touch along the way. 

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