Have you ever thought about how a person finds their calling?

Here’s the thing… 

Many people think starting a business is an adventure that begins with them. They create something that they project into the world, looking for those who will receive it.

But what if you’re the receiver?

I think you are.

Accepting a calling is a receptive act. It means someone sent that call to you.

Someone said:

“Hey, I have a problem! I need someone to solve it!”

And because your life journey has given you the right experience, you were able to open your ears and hear the call.

What happens then?

The next step is to sift through your experience to see how you can answer this call. You might have gone to a coaching school or had the right education. Or your life might simply have given you the skills necessary for answering the call better than anyone else.

This is when the magic starts.

You heard the call and found a way to answer it. Now it’s time to send that message out to the world.

This is the holy act of marketing.

It’s you telling people that you’ve heard them. That you know their problem and have the answer.

If you do it right, the final step should be for the person who sent the call to join you.

Ideally, they’d say:

“Oh, thank God! You’re exactly what I was looking for!”

And that’s how you become a messenger and grow your business in the most profound way.

As far as the cost is concerned, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. If you send the right message to the right people, they won’t care about that. They’ll just be happy that someone can finally help them out.

And they’ll be willing to pay top dollar for it. In return, you’ll provide the value they’ve been looking for.

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