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The Higher Purpose of “The Spin”


When people enter my world, there is usually a bigger sense of purpose showing up in their lives.

Maybe you’ve done what you do for a long time, but there’s something new emerging – a next-level calling.

And that bigger calling isn’t something you can fully see or make sense of.

So what happens when you feel the call to chart a course and set sail… even if you don’t know where to chart a course to?

How do you set sail then? What tool do you use to navigate?

Use the lifeforce of what’s calling you – that’s your Northstar.

Tune into that lifeforce, moment by moment, asking for turn-by-turn instructions… Where am I meant to go? Who am I meant to speak to? What’s my next step?

This process requires you to be really present.

And here’s the real challenge – if you stop listening… and you don’t have the final destination… it’s like being in the middle of the ocean without a compass and no land in sight.

That’s when it’s easy to lose yourself and spin…

Maybe you fall into self-doubt…

Or kick your brain into high-gear to “figure things out” so you have a sense of certainty and safety.

That is until you surrender and get quiet enough to listen again.

Here’s what we want you to know: this dance of listening and getting clarity, then losing yourself and spinning, then surrendering, listening, and finding your path again…

It has a higher purpose!

Each time the cycle happens, you build your capacity to move into the unknown.

You build your capacity to surrender just a little deeper.

You build your trust in yourself and in the Universe.

You build your muscle to act with even greater courage, rooted in faith!

For those of us that are called to be edge-riders and trailblazers, this is a necessity… and it’s a purposeful part of the process.

Because when you’re ushering something new into the world, there are times when you see more of the picture and there are times when you see less.

True clarity is always a little elusive.

That’s why this is a path that calls us to grow in your trust, which builds your strength and capacity for the journey.

So today, especially if you find yourself in doubt, lost and frustrated, say to yourself “I’m just in the process of building my capacity to move into the unknown.” Then see if you can surrender again and move back into the dance.

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