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The hidden energy shift for the return journey home


If you have a new calling – a big calling…

Something that feels like your life’s calling…

Chances are, you’re someplace on the return journey home in the hero’s journey.

The old doesn’t have much energy anymore (which could be your old business, old products, old clients, old ways of working, etc.).

And that new vision and calling is vibrant, exciting, and potent (well, that, and unfamiliar, disorienting, confusing, risky, etc.). 

If you find yourself stuck in the “refusal of the return” on your journey – stalled out in transitioning from the old to the new…

Pushing and trying, but getting stalled out, and then feel like sh*t about it, wondering what the hell you’re doing wrong…

And all the things you’re examining to figure out why you’re stuck feel like old stories you’re rehashing to try to make sense of what’s going on, but ultimately not the thing…

There’s a hidden energy shift that must occur to make the return journey – a shift you might not have made yet (which would make the return journey impossible).

What is it? 

It’s using the motivation that animated you in the first half of your journey to try and animate your new work on the return journey home.

That just doesn’t work and never will.

Let me give you an example…

I have a client who built a very successful business over the past decade…

But in the past year, Spirit came a-knockin’ with a new vision and calling. 

One that’s bold, compelling, and exciting… with a huge financial upside and the potential to radically transform her industry by creating a whole new market with something no one has ever seen.

But transitioning out of the old business into the new one hasn’t been easy. 

While working with him, it dawned on me that she was using the same energy she used to build the first business to try and build the second one… and it just wasn’t working (something I’m intimately familiar with ;-).

She built his first business out of survival, motivated by her wounds. 

She was driven to get out of her tumultuous household, and away from feeling like a constant disappointment (her core wound)…

So she built a multi-million dollar business to create security and prove (subconsciously) that she wasn’t a disappointment.  

But the spiritual calling she’s answering to create this new company requires her to build it from a place of joy, centeredness, inspiration, and flow…

So when she tries to apply the old hard work ethic to push things forward, paradoxically everything grinds to a halt. 

Sound familiar?

If you’re on the return journey home…

Remember that your drive, motivation, and ambition in the first half of your journey came from your wounds. 

It was necessary for your survival, and it worked – you’re here after all!

But the return journey isn’t about escape… it’s about return!

A return first and foremost to yourself – to your joy and wholeness.

So you’re not called to sacrifice yourself in service to others as you deliver your elixir on the return journey…

You’re called to deliver the elixir from a place of new life, as you offer new life to others.

What, specifically, was the old driver and what’s the new motivator?

That’s for you to discover. 

But I promise that as you discover it, whatever the logjam has been in your journey, it’s gonna start to break up…

So get ready for the ride, because things are gonna speed up quickly!


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