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Your Guidance is Always Speaking to You

As you move into your role as a guide in this world not only does your guidance speak to you they speak through you. Your guidance is not separate from who you are. It is an aspect of you who are, or another way to hold this is that you are an aspect of a larger field of consciousness that you might call your guidance. Your guidance is a field of consciousness. It is as awaking, living, alive intelligence.


As an outlier or outsider, there is plenty of victimization and plenty of hurt you’ve experienced, which has given you fodder for your journey.

As you move from victim to hero and into your role as guide, you realize that you’re here to make things whole. And if you are here to make things whole, do you not need to know and understand brokenness?

As a guide, you’re called to touch the brokenness inside of yourself and others without the experience or identity of being broken. That’s the quest. That’s the journey. That’s the gift you give to yourself and those you’re here to serve.

The question, then, is what in your life needs strengthening? What in your life needs to be addressed so that you feel more whole and capable of having your expression as a human and your reach as a leader and guide, grow?

If there is one place, what is it? Just take a moment, get quiet, ask yourself and allow yourself to hear your own answer.

When you can bless the places you play victim, bless where the villain still pokes out, and even bless the hero when she struggles, falters and loses faith… that’s when you strengthen into your role as guide.

Address it not by demonizing it, but by blessing it and ‘metabolizing’ it. You do this by actually taking it in and finding out what it’s offering you. Do what you need to do to bless it, which may be finding the higher purpose of it, maybe seeing the gift of it, or maybe seeing why it was necessary until now.

Maybe it’s simply being in prayer and saying, “I invite redemptive love to flow into this part of my life to touch it, to transform it, without me even necessarily knowing why or how it’s happening.”

As you redeem it, you strengthen yourself and make yourself whole.

Ultimately when you move from victim to hero to guide, as Donald Miller says, “Victims heal into heroes and heroes strengthen into guides.” That strengthening process is about making oneself more and more whole. 

The more integrity you have, the more whole you are, the stronger you are, and the more capable you are to step out into the world as a guide.

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