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Grit in the Oyster

This grit in the oyster is something each one of us has. This grit is full potential, full expression, an unencumbered and exulted version of you. Meaning I am lifting it up and I am putting it in the light… all of it.

Each one of us has this something more. The sense there is something more. And of course you do because to feel the potential is limitless. How do you dance with the experience of constraint or limitations in this three dimensional world while having the experience of this something calling you forward saying there is more to be delivered?


The things that people need to touch to liberate themselves most deeply are often the things they are most blind to. It’s in touching the things that are most hidden from them that you facilitate the most transformation. This is true for both individuals and communities or systems.

The more you become someone that can reach in and touch something deeply, the more liberation you bring to the people you serve.

You’re a seer – you see and sense a whole lot, so you do this already…

But there’s always another layer of courage to name something deeper and something that may be harder for someone to access on their own.

People aren’t going to be able to name what needs to be touched, because they can’t see it. But the liberation they’re looking for is in touching that piece that they can’t get to on their own.

There are those times when you say to yourself, “I don’t know if they see this thing. Am I willing to name it? Are they willing to hear it? Do I have permission to go there? If I go here with them, and they have a reaction, is that okay?”

After all, you’ve been in numerous places where what you see and sense isn’t being asked for, and therefore not welcomed.

We want you to be bold and courageous in naming and touching the things that are in the depths! The key is making what you see, hear and feel less and less personal.

It’s in making it less personal to you that you become more and more courageous in sharing it. That’s when you can reach more and more deeply into people, touching the thing that will release them or liberate them.

As a leader and guide, you are called to move into his place where you no longer shy away from sharing what you see and sense. That’s a liberated state for you as a leader, which allows you to cause more liberation in this world.

Where you’re called to serve is in spaces where people are asking for what you see and sense. Of course, touching things deeply requires permission – it needs to be done in a container.

Inside those containers your relationship to naming what other people aren’t seeing can change from you holding your tongue, or naming something, knowing it’ll probably blow up on you… to serving people and systems that are grateful that you name what they couldn’t see, and reward you handsomely for it.

Remember, people and systems that are committed to growth and mastery are eager and grateful for you naming what they are blind to.

You’re a seer, and that’s a gift. It’s a gift forged out of great difficulty. Now is the time to deliver that gift more boldly than ever. As you do, you become a liberating force in this world.

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