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The Game of Telling Humanity’s Story

The heart of the divine is playful because it’s filled with love. And you have a playful heart and soul within you. This can either be the most dire time in all humanity OR the most grand adventure you (or humanity) has ever known and your role is to expose or reveal a new frequency of reality.


The heart of the Divine is playful.

And you, my friend, have a playful heart in you. You have a heart that loves to explore, loves to reach, loves to chart new paths, loves to find new ways, and loves to experience new things!

That is part of why you raised your hand and said, “Oh, I want to come in and be one of the storytellers of Humanity’s new story! Because I love to explore. I love to go off the beaten path. I love to find new ways and new opportunities and new adventures. And that’s what this telling Humanity’s new story is about!!!”

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