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From recognition to belonging


Being known and being recognized are two massively different things. 

Being recognized is being seen, rewarded, valued, and praised for what you can do. 

We recognize and praise Beyoncé for Sasha Fierce – the persona she puts on to stage. 

And if we grew up feeling like we didn’t belong (like so many in the helping/serving professions do)…

We sought out recognition in lieu of true belonging. 

We worked, worked, worked to become really good at something, so we could be recognized for our gifts.

Heck, at least we’d be needed, even if we weren’t wanted.

We made the unconscious assumption that if we were seen, recognized, valued, and praised for this special thing we’ve developed, we’d finally have this sense of being filled up inside! 

But this kind of recognition never generates the experience of true belonging…

Because recognition is about the individual (“Recognize me!) and belonging is about the we – That experience of interconnectedness where the fibers of my being and the fibers of your being are woven together. 

So imagine you have that experience of deep belonging – that you feel a sacred interwoven connectedness in your being.

How might  that shift your drive for recognition?

What you’ll likely find is that your work – your purpose – your mastery… they’re not about you. You aren’t using your mastery and purpose as a tool for personal recognition. 

Instead, any recognition you experience becomes a tool you use to build your business and serve more people, for the purpose of creating more love, belonging and interconnectedness in this world.  

So I invite you to look at your life (especially your business and marketing), and see where you’re unconsciously seeking recognition, hoping that recognition will bring belonging. 

Then practice shifting your focus from recognition in this area of your life to a focus on being with people – being interwoven with people that you care about and people who care about you. 

Here’s the gift of all of this…

As your sense of belonging grows and your need for personal recognition recedes, you’ll find that you’re less likely to get pulled off track by your old wounds. You’ll become more and more available to your calling, and more capable of attending to what your mission, purpose and heart call you to.

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