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Following as a leader


When I tune in and listen for guidance, the message is always, Jeffrey, you’re not the one doing it. You’re not the one doing it, man. 

It’s being done through you.

When you’re working with lifeforce, you’re working with something already in motion and already happening.

All we’re asking for you is to be a participating component in what’s already going on. 

It requires a really different orientation from trying to figure it out and do, to becoming receptive and listening and then following as a leader.

What guidance is always seeking is partnership, and what it needs for that partnership is an invitation. 

It’s an invitation to welcome a larger field of energy into your field. Where you move from separation into oneness. In oneness consciousness, you know that you are not the individual ‘doing’ your calling. Instead, you recognize that you are the calling, the called, and the calling itself.

The work is being done with you and through you as well as by you.

This dance between the field of oneness and the expression of this oneness consciousness through you on the earth is where the movement occurs. 

This is where you start to collaborate with a much larger field of movement in this world and understand that you are a part of it.

The moment you recognize that you are a part of it, there’s no fantasy of doing it yourself. The fantasy of aloneness and disconnection dissolves, and the fantasy of needing to prove your worth to have a place in this world, dissolves with it.

In its stead, you begin to experience a rich space of grace that always wants your best and simply is waiting for an invitation to move into your life, through you, into this world. 

Grace-filled movement, but it does mean that the movement in your life and movement with your business and mission is something you ride versus something you generate. 

That the doors are already opened or opening and as you ride this movement rather than try to produce the movement and push doors open.

So often your understanding of what needs to happen, or how it will happen, or why it’s needed, are far too small. This guided, graceful movement knows which actions are actually going to move the needle versus the actions the ‘small I’ say need to happen.

But the moment you connect to a more expansive field and relinquish attachment to proving your worth by acting, you make yourself available. 

This is about making yourself available. The universe wants to work with people who are available. The universe only works with people who are available, because those are the only people who can bridge consciousness and bring heaven to earth.

And so the question is, how available are you? How often are you available? In which ways are you available? 

Because availability only requires willingness and an invitation. 

So this week, I invite you to a simple, profound daily prayer:
“I’m open. I’m willing. I’m available. Please guide me.”

Pray it in earnest and take your place in the rich unfolding of Humanity’s New Story. 

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