In the last few posts, I talked about sending your message to the right people at the right time. I explained the concept of the tipping point and how you can play to people’s hunger.

I’d like to sum it all up with a real-life example so you can see what this really looks like.

When she first started working with me, Dr. Darnise Martin had the most generic message:

“Life coaching for professional women.”

She had lots of things going on with her ideas. She’s a very smart woman who was doing everything marketing-related by the book. 

She had a free opt-in, a nice website, and all that good stuff.

But she just couldn’t seem to build her message around her audience’s hunger.

As a result, her business suffered quite a bit.

Until we noticed something interesting in our work together…  

It seemed that single black women with relationship issues were at the core of Dr. Darnise’s tribe. This made a lot of sense, as she taught African-American studies and had a lot to say about relationships.

But it wasn’t just that.

There was a true hunger in her tribe. Those women had a wound pattern that perfectly matched what Dr. Darnise had to offer.

They were successful, powerful, and all-around incredible women. But they couldn’t find a guy.

Now, this is more like a general situation than a hunger.

True hunger comes from the experiences these women had.

They would long for a relationship and put a crazy amount of effort into finding the perfect man. 

Then a knight in shining armor would appear and they would be on top of the world.

But after a while, they would discover he was cheating. Or he would turn out to be a scammer of some sort. For whatever reason, these women went back to being single.

Loneliness, embarrassment, and other negative emotions kicked in. At some point, they’d be willing to do anything to find the right person.

And that’s when Dr. Darnise showed up.

With this realization, she finally found her tribe. These women needed her help, as she made them feel seen, known, and understood.

It goes without saying that this was a turning point in Dr. Darnise’s career.

And if you find your tribe, I can promise the same for you.

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