Activation Tuesdays

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Finding the Resources You Need

Finding the resources you need for your work, your journey and your life. As you are on this path of opening your heart, your consciousness and your capacity to become the fullest version of yourself you will be coming to obstacles. Sometimes you think the thing you need to grow or overcome these obstacles does not exist or is not available. Guess what? Everything you need is available.


The true purpose of The purpose of your calling is to compel you into your own evolution, to guide you into who you need to become in order to say yes to your calling.

Yes, there will be obstacles you will face and things that need to be looked at for you to be on this path of opening your heart, opening your consciousness, and opening your capacity.

Your calling will call you to be the fullest version of yourself, for the fullest unfolding of your calling. That’s how it works. And so in that way, your calling is in service to you first and foremost… so that you can be in service to this world.

Monday Insights

A weekly email broadcast which encapsulates a key nugget of wisdom from the previous week’s broadcast to start your week off. These will generally be messages you can read in 1-2 minutes.