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Find Your Part to Play & Take Ownership of It

Every person in the world is designed to fulfill a special function. Every person has a part to play. What is your part to play? You need to take ownership of the part you are here to play. The more you do this the more satisfied you will become and the more joy and fruitfulness you find in your endeavors.


When you have a vision that says, “This is the life I should be living! This is the way I should be experiencing my business or my calling, or my expression! Here’s the grand vision of what I believe it will look like when I am in full bloom!”…

And then there’s wherever you believe you are at right now…

You can find yourself saying, “I’m living here when I should be living there.”

That’s when you’re in comparison and despair with yourself…

But it’s not comparison and despair with your actual self – it’s with a fantasy vision you have of yourself… which is a very different thing than the reality of who you are.

So we want you to look at every area of your life and ask, “Where am I playing less than? Where am I judging the experience I’m having as second fiddle, as second chair, as somehow underneath some other person or of my own vision of my own life.

Then say to yourself, “Haha! I’m right on time. I’m right where I need to be.”

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