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Be a Fierce Guardian of the Heart

If you want to do big work in the world that is not necessarily an expression of you or doesn’t ask you to reveal who you are in the process of delivering it, this is not necessarily required.

BUT, if you are delivering work that is an expression of your heart, an expression of who you are, an outward expression of what you are internally; you must learn to be a fierce guardian of your heart. Because what you delivery is an expression of your heart, your care and your concern for this world. It’s an expression of who you are.

And the question then becomes… Does just anybody get to have it?


Fierce guardians of the heart are highly discerning. 

The more discerning you are, the more honorable you know yourself to be and the more self trust you build. 

The more deeply you trust yourself, the more fiercely you guard what is most precious, sharing it with those that have proven they’ve earned the right to experience it, and share it with you. 

And for those that don’t meet that criteria, you say, “Thank you for your interest, this is not the thing for you – at least not right now.”

What would it take for you to be a more fierce guardian of the heart? To be more discerning about who gets to enter your field and be in your world? 

Here’s a few questions to guide you: 

  • Are you making those discernment decisions in service to yourself and your needs or in service to someone else and their desires? 
  • Are you trying not to disappoint them or seeking to honor yourself? 
  • Are you making decisions based on your strength and trust in the universe or based on some sense of weakness and sense of scarcity?

If we want to usher in a new story for this world, it can’t come from a place of diminishment or personal apology – it must come from a place of deep honor and respect for you first and foremost. That allows you to stand out in this world powerfully in a way that your people notice, honor, respect, and respond to.

They will say, “We want you to be a leader for us!” because deep self respect commands respect in this world.

Ask yourself, “Who would I need to be and what boundaries would I need to put in place to do my best work with the people that elicit my genius and joy consistently?”

Be a fierce guardian of your heart. That’s when you’ll be willing to show up with gusto and courage, willing to answer the bigger call in your heart!

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