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Everything You Need is Always in the Field

The field is a network or gridwork of intelligence that is all around us blanketing this entire planet. As an individual who is connected to the all you have the capacity at any time to reach into this networked intelligence to plug in and access what the next piece of wisdom is that is available to you.


Everything you need for your next step is always in ‘the field’. What do I mean by the field? Imagine that there’s a network of intelligence that is all around us – a gridwork of wisdom blanketing this entire planet and universe, that we can access anytime.

Day by day, moment by moment, as you take your next step in life, if you stop and access this field of intelligence asking what’s next, the clarity you need for the next step to take is always available.

Let me give you an example… I was having dinner with a colleague of mine who does a lot of video marketing. He was about to embark on this big trip around the world and he wanted to hire a professional videographer to travel the world with him and produce high end video content… but it wasn’t seeming to work out. He was running into snags and obstacles and didn’t know why. There was a little part of his brain considering not hiring a professional videographer, and instead doing it DIY selfie-style with his iPhone.

He had been going back and forth for over a month on what to do. I just stopped him and said, “First things first – is there lifeforce in this project at all? Is there something that’s calling you to do this? Is there energy in it for you?”

He replied, “Absolutely.”

I said, “Okay, cool. Remember, if there’s lifeforce it it, that lifeforce has an intelligence in it, which you can tap into anytime.”

He looked at me sketpically. I continued, “Let’s play a game for a second. Close your eyes and tune into the lifeforce of this project. See if you can locate it physically. Is the lifeforce inside of you or outside of you? Where is it?”

He closed his eyes, and a few seconds later said, “Okay, I feel it. It feels like it’s on my left shoulder.”

I said, “Great. Now tune into it and ask it this question: Am I meant to do this video project with a professional videographer or DIY selfie-style?

A moment later he opened his eyes and looked at me with a kind of deflated, disappointed look, saying, “Oh man, it said to do it selfie-style.” He somewhat jokingly added, “I don’t like the lifeforce! I wanted to do something really high-end and slick!”

I said, “I get it. Do me a favor – tune back in and ask why?”

He did and replied, “Oh, the life force is saying it’s because the selfie-style is going to be better for my family and create more realness, relatedness and connection with my audience. It’ll have more honesty.”

He looked relieved and satisfied now. He knew his answer and knew why it was the right answer.

Here’s what’s wild – he had struggled with this decision for over a month. His conscious mind didn’t know the answer, but the lifeforce of the project did!

The answer was there all along, just waiting for him to stop, plug into the gridwork of intelligence, ask his question and be open to the answer (even if it wasn’t the one his conscious mind wanted to hear).

What’s more, this colleague isn’t someone who talks to guides or even believes in spiritual stuff much. So another way to think of this is that it’s simply intuitive wisdom that any of us can access any time.

If you tune in, ask, and feel like you’re not getting “what you need,” one thing to keep in mind is that you may be asking to see the whole picture, so you feel safe. But the Universe works on a need-to-know basis, and usually doesn’t give us the whole picture on much of anything. Instead, it gives us the next step or two, and after you’ve taken those steps, you’ll get the ones after that.

Why? Because seeing the whole picture won’t help you and could actually cloud your vision with too much information. Plus, the Universe is always training us to trust ourselves and trust the Universe itself. So we get to practice asking for what we need, getting clarity on our next steps, taking those next steps in faith, knowing that what we need next will be there when we need it.

Whatever your next step is, know that the clarity you seek is available to you. Find the lifeforce of the thing you’re working on and ask for what you need!

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