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Everything has its own consciousness


It’s important to remember, as smart as you may be, that you still have a very limited perspective with which you see the world. It’s just part of the human condition. So when you’re looking at difficulty, trying to come up with solutions, using your mind alone, you’re actually quite limited. 

But when you move into a larger field of consciousness around whatever difficulty you’re facing, you can connect to infinite knowing and infinite potential. There is a much wider perspective you can access, which has information direction, healing, and expansion all embedded within it. 

Most of us go through life just trying to do life and figure things out. And occasionally we tap into our guidance and ask for this or ask for that and get some information. 

But it becomes a very different way of moving in the world, when we are continually in partnership with the larger field of consciousness that we’re living in…

You can tap into the larger field of any arena of life… your romantic partnership, your finances, your business, your health, your purpose. 

At any point, you can move from trying to figure something out in one of these arenas of life to tapping into the larger field of that arena of life. 

When you tap into its larger field of consciousness, you step out of being solely in your own consciousness trying to figure it out, and into the field of infinite possibilities and resources.

What you’re doing here is radically expanding the potential for seeing the same thing from a new perspective. 

But it’s more than just a new perspective, because the field itself has intelligence.  It’s actually partnering with the life force, the intelligence of that field. 

Every aspect of life, and every aspect of your life has its own energetic field, and that field has its own desires.

You have your desires, and the field itself has its own desires for its expansion and expression. And the more you partner with it, the more you move with its natural inclination towards expansion and expression. 

That’s when you grease the wheels and life starts to really move, because you’re in sync with the motion with the larger field.

Either you’re moving with the energy that’s already in motion, or you’re stagnating, trying to figure something out and do it yourself.

What we want for you is to be continually in motion – to be in this expansive energy to be in partnership with the energy that’s already moving in this world. 

If you find yourself working hard, trying to push things forward, you’re trying to move something with your own will, your own life force – not bolstered and carried by a larger field of energy life force that’s already moving. 

All this field needs is cooperation with you to work magic and have things move at an exponential speed.

Life is moving. Life is growing. Life is expanding. And it’s always inviting us to work with it. To be an extension of it to be a partner with it. 

When you’re asking to live your purpose and have a positive impact in the world, at some deep level, what you’re asking for is to participate with life fully.

When you’re in that field of participating with life, you feel and experience a deep and abiding connection to all that is. You feel connected to and a part of the unfolding of humanity’s new story. 


Take some arena of life where you’re struggling and would like more clarity or direction. It could be something in your company, something in a relationship, your finances, your health – literally any arena of life.

Just scan your life for a moment and see where that might be. Know that whatever that arena is, it has its own field of consciousness you can tap into. Attune to that field to ask it for advice and direction.
Some potential questions include:

>>>What do you want to share with me?

>>>What insight or direction do you have for me around this challenge?

>>>What am I not seeing here that would help me move forward?

>>>How can I partner with you more fully?

Then make this type of partnership a way of living – a regular habit. Know that at any moment, you can take literally 30-60 seconds, tune into the field, and just ask, “What would you like to share with me about this?”

Then simply notice yourself having more clarity, more flow, and a greater partnership with your purpose!

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