The Jeffrey Van Dyk Show | Episode 1

Changing the Face of the Fashion with Jeffrey Van Dyk & Angel Sinclair

Angel Sinclair is a fiercely determined trailblazer and founder of Models of Diversity, which promotes greater diversity in the fashion, beauty and media industries, where people of minority ethnic origin, older people, larger and smaller people, people with a disability, and non-binary gender people are under-represented. Angel shared about her own struggles with depression, abuse and addiction, and why changing the face of “beauty” matters so much to her. She demonstrates the power of tenacity in service to your vision.

The Jeffrey Van Dyk Show

by Angel Sinclair | Changing the Face of the Fashion

Show Notes

Angel Sinclair was born in East London and is a mother of 4, with 8 grandchildren. She founded Models of Diversity (MoD) after appearing on Gok’s Miss Naked Beauty in 2008. Angel was struck by the great variety of beautiful women participating in the event and how that contrasted with the narrow range we see in the fashion industry. She became determined to promote using models that reflect the diversity in society.

This began with simple but challenging photoshoots, then grew with MoD taking to the streets conducting surveys, appearing on local and national radio and TV, and fashion shows like Curves in Couture and Catwalk4Change showcasing a broad spectrum of great models: older models, all races, plus size, models with disabilities and transgender models.

Angel has kept MoD running for over ten years with vigorous debate on social media and working with the public and professionals in the business alike.

Links to Angel’s work: