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Enchantment and Seduction in Marketing


Whether you celebrated or are celebrating Hanukkah, the Solstice, Christmas, or Kwanza, I send you blessings of connection, joy, and hope this season.

Earlier this week, my family went to the Descanso Gardens “Enchanted Forest” – a beautiful arboretum decorated with different light exhibits throughout (pic below). One of the things I love most about this season (besides the family and food) is the lights – they’re so enchanting! 

There’s a lesson here about marketing, which is that deep, transformative work needs enchantment, even sacred seduction, for people to say yes. 

Sacred work has a different frequency to it – people can feel the energy of it and are naturally enchanted by it and magnetized to it…

But too often, after the soul gets attracted, the ego gets activated and puts the brakes on! People get scared of the unknown, and of facing and feeling whatever they’re going to have to look at to transform. 

This is why the ego needs a compelling reason to do the deep work…

It needs to be seduced. 

Years ago I was given a body of work around wounds and marketing. I had trained with Tim Kelley in the True Purpose work and I saw that our wounds send us on a training program for our purpose. Then in my work with Suzanne Falter in the Spiritual Marketing Quest, I saw something really incredible – that I could use the understanding of someone’s core wounds to pinpoint their core market. 

When I started speaking on stages and enrolling people into this work, it was all seduction, and I didn’t even realize it at first!

I started by speaking to the audience about the big problem many were facing – having a clear, compelling niche that they knew with certainty was theirs. I shared the pains and challenges I faced trying to find my niche when I began. I talked to them about all the money I had spent on experts and the pitfalls I fell into with each one. As I did, I’d see them nod in recognition with each step of the journey I’d been on. 

Then I started weaving a very seductive spell…

I’d say, “I promise you that you can know with absolute certainty what your niche is. You can stop constantly second-guessing, reinventing, and fighting for the same eyeballs everyone else is competing for.  You can know what your market is, what they need from you, and why you’re the one to deliver it to them. There is one square inch you can discover and drill a mile deep in your market. When you do, you will have no competition, because there will be no one else who can do that thing for that audience in the way you uniquely can.”

The audience would look at me with interest, hope, and plenty of skepticism.

Then I say, “What I’ve discovered is that your core wounds are the training program for your purpose… and so long as you’re doing purposeful work, they can help you pinpoint your 1 square inch. You can see not just what your wounds trained you to do, but who they trained you to know and serve!”

People’s heads would tilt in interest and curiosity.

I would tell story one, story two, and story three – real-life, compelling stories from my clients, demonstrating how their wounds helped them find the 1 square inch they could drill a mile deep in their market. 

Then I would ask if they’d like to go through a little process to discover their core wound pattern… and they would all eagerly say yes. 

After, I’d offer to hotsteat people on the core wound – core market match, and people’s hands would shoot up looking to engage. 

Bit by bit, I was enchanting them… and the work was seducing them.

Their egos were incentivized to do the 1 thing egos resist – finding the core wound that the whole egoic structure is built upon!

Think about that for a minute.

I would have entire rooms full of entrepreneurs almost salivating to know their core wounds! 

I mean, this is THE thing we spend our lives trying to hide from ourselves and others (especially in business). 

But because I offered the ego a tasty incentive to discover their wounds, they wanted to dive in with gusto. 

I’m not sure which event it was that I really noticed this seduction in action, but when I did I was amazed. 

Spirit had given me this body of work that would help liberate people from the tyranny of their wounds…

Along with it, I was given a way to enchant and seduce the ego with a promise the ego really wanted. 

I would deliver on that promise, and in the process, people would transform their relationship to their wounds and themselves. 

I wasn’t selling “transform your ego.” 

I was selling “find the 1 square inch you can drill a mile deep in your market.”

… and people’s lives would be transformed while I’d deliver that outcome. 

After a 45-90 minute talk in rooms of 50 – 250 people, it was common for me to enroll 20% or more of any room I spoke in – once it was 56% of the room. I’ve sold millions of dollars of that program and brought hundreds of people through it. 

And it’s because the seduction was built into the transformation. 

Sacred Seduction waves a big promise in front of your audience, like spiritual catnip. It’s what the ego needs to get on board with the journey of deep transformation. 

Otherwise, people wait until they’re in absolute pain before they say yes to the journey.

As you’re experiencing the enchantment of this season, think about the 1 thing that would be most enchanting to your audience (that you can absolutely deliver). The thing that they struggle with and can’t get without the depth woven into what you do. 

That is where your sacred seduction lives.

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