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Elegance & Efficiency That Brings Speed, Fun & Joy

What we want for you right now for you is joy, play and enjoyment. But what will that give you? For so many of you what’s bred into you is some form of “work hard”. That was great for the industrial revolution but it’s not great for right now.

What we need now is speed, efficiency and the ability to turn on a dime.


As the world is contracting, what people need from you right now is to snap them out of their complacency – to wake them up and say, “Hey, you don’t need to opt into the mechanics of “what is” in this world.

There’s a recession looming. There’s all this stuff going on in the world geopolitically. There is this catastrophe on our doorstep environmentally. 

Yes, you can respond. You can participate without being reactive to the collective story of “what is.”

Anytime you are reacting to the collective story, you’re staying inside the frequency of the thing you’re reacting to.

When you’re reacting to what is or trying to fight what is in order to change it, you’re actually just on the other side of the coin of the same frequency. And that doesn’t change anything – It actually gets you into bed with it.

Instead, play when the world is contracting.

When you’re at play, you become a leader. When you play, people take notice! The more contracted people become, the more down and out they walk around through their world, the more different you will seem.

They’ll look over at you and say…

What’s going on over there – why are they playing when the world’s falling apart? 
Why do they seem inspired and lit up when I feel anxious or kind of gray? 
Why do they seem to have more success than the rest of us, when we’re toiling away trying to hold on to what we’ve got? 
Why are they creating new opportunities that we haven’t seen before, when we’re just trying to batten down the hatches and make things not wash away? 

In every great period of change, there is a shift in consciousness and a shift in who leads.

The new leaders are the leaders who play. They understand that they don’t have to play the “what is” game, but instead can choose their game. They create new opportunities when the old opportunities seem to be falling away like sand sifting through our hands.

We want to invite you to play your own game. Create a game that is joyful, that’s challenging and exciting! Choose games that play to your strengths – that tickle something inside of you and keep you engaged step after step after step.

Invite other people to join you in your game! Enroll them in the game! Ask them to play it with you and inspire them to opt-out of the game everyone else is playing, so they can choose to join a new game!

We’re talking about the game that fuels you and supports you in expanding as the world goes into contraction.

As a leader of a new world, you create a new path forward and inspire a new direction for everyone.

When they work harder, you play more.
When they move into anxiety, you get into mischief.

When they get trapped by fear, trying to hold on to what you know, you get creative and develop something nobody’s seen before.

If you’re called to be a change agent and bring something new to this world… If you’re called to tell a different story…. you need to live a different story. That’s where it starts.

Go in the opposite direction. Play your own game.

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