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The Direct Next Step

This is the step that will bring you more and more into helping elevate the frequency and consciousness of this planet so it naturally shifts. Sometimes that direct next steps is to go internally. There is a boulder or blockage you have put in your path. And the most direct next step is to move that boulder in order to uplevel your own willingness to stand in what you know, proclaim it and lead with it.


Over the last four months I’ve gotten a renewed connection to consistently working inside the field. The field to me is a networked intelligence of love and wisdom that we’re all connected to. You might call it God, Source, The Universe, or simply Knowing.

As I’ve been working inside the field more and more, I’m giving fewer and fewer answers to people. Instead I simply say, “hey, go to the field – what do you get there?” And they’ll tune in and say, “Oh, it’s this!” They didn’t really need the answer from me – the answer was available in the field.

Here’s the #MondayInsight about the field:

When you go into the field, what the field always, always, always, provides is the most direct next step. That next step brings you more and more directly into your giftedness, your joyful service, and your hand in helping elevate the frequency and consciousness of this planet.

Sometimes the most direct next step to move forward is to go within and address what needs to be addressed so you can uplevel your own consciousness and uplevel your own willingness to stand in what you know, proclaim it and lead with it. It also may be a step that feels far bigger than your conscious mind would allow you to entertain. “Oh, I can’t do that. I can’t talk to that person – do that – ask for that – go there… who, me? It’s too big”. So sometimes what the most direct next step is is a leap – and that most direct next leap leaps you into a new relationship with yourself and what’s possible in you and through you in this world.

I want to paint a picture for you – a picture where you’re in that field, where the next evolutionary step always lives. And more and more often, moment by moment, day by day, month, by month, year by year, you find yourself living in that field. And as you live there, you keep putting your attention on the next evolutionary step, which is right there. And with the next evolutionary step, guess what, you always have the resources needed for that next step at hand in your life, so you find yourself constantly resourced. That’s the definition of abundance.

I’m in a field where my next step is always available. And that next step is always easy for me because I’m fully resourced for that next step. And then I take the next one, and next one, and next one, and next one. And before you know it I’m living a life where I simply exist in this field. There’s a constant unfolding of understanding my relationship to this world and my place in helping this world evolve. Rather than living with questions and confusion, I’m living with a certain kind of vibrancy and energy and joy, and even mischief, and creativity as I do my part. I’m not doing it by lifting the world up on my shoulders. I’m doing it by being in that slipstream, that energetic flow. That right next step always exists, always exists, always exists.

Just like the acorn knows to become the oak, Humanity is in its own evolution right now. The seed of humanity’s potential exists inside of humanity. It knows what’s possible, and knows where it can go. It knows the oak inside. So long as we are in the field, tending to the field, taking our right next step, we will indeed take our place in watering and nurturing this seed helping humanity step into its full glory, it’s next story – to usher in heaven on earth.

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