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Death & Rebirth
Failure & Flow

Death and rebirth are the most basic foundations of the experience you have on this planet. Death and rebirth are part of the natural cycle of creation. Failure, another way to contextual it or talk about it, would be to speak about it as a death. There is the death of opportunities. The death of potential options forward. The death of an idea.

And of course there is rebirth. Well if not that path then what path? If I can’t do it that way what way can I do it? If this feels old and tired for me where is there any spark of life?

Death and rebirth just like failure and flow are part of the cycle of creation. If you want to have more creation flowing through your life recontextualize failure as a part of the creation process.


In a world with so much change, you may find that what used to work doesn’t work anymore… and you may be doing your darndest not to fail.

I’ve spent a lot of time bracing against failure in my business…

As in, “Oh no, it’s all gonna fail and everything’s gonna fall apart.”

But recently I decided that rather than bracing against failure and trying to keep failure off the table, I would intentionally put failure back on the table.

What I’ve found is that by putting it back on the table as an option, I stopped bracing against it.

So what if I fail? Like, all right, I fail. What’s the worst thing that could really happen? I’ve got a solid relationship and a solid home. If it all went to shit, I still know I have people in my world that love me and support me.

Yep, failure is an option. Failure is possible. It might happen and it’s an option.

What I noticed is that instead of only seeing failure from the lens of impending doom, there’s a whole smorgasbord of options, and failure is just one of them.

If you’ve found yourself bracing against failure, I want to invite you to play with these questions…

“What if I put failure back on the table? What if failure was a legitimate option? What if failure is just part of the process of innovation?”

Go for it and see what happens! After all, the opposite of failure isn’t success… it’s flow!

It’s time we put failure as an option back on the table… so we can open back up to boldness, courage, and creative risk-taking!

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