The Jeffrey Van Dyk Show | Episode 11

Creating your “True Home” with an interior designer who is a former Buddhist Monk with Jeffrey Van Dyk & Matthew Tenzin

Matthew is a truly unique leader in the world of interior design and helping us all create more peaceful, vibrant homes.

He spent two years in silence as a Buddhist monk in the woods where he got deeply in tune with the energies of the land. Then he met his partner and became an interior designer in their very successful design firm.

In this episode we talk about how these two worlds came together to create an approach to design that Matthew is pioneering, transforming both his clients lives and elevating what design can do in uplifting our world.

The Jeffrey Van Dyk Show

by Matthew Tenzin | Creating your “True Home” with an interior designer who is a former Buddhist Monk

Show Notes

As a former Buddhist monk who is now an interior designer, Matthew has always been attuned to the aesthetics and energetics of spaces, and has a life-long love for the intersection of spirituality and creativity.

Since 2012, he has been a principal designer at Joe McGuire Design, overseeing residential interior design projects in Aspen, Boulder and around the country. In 2017 he founded True Home, a holistic design consultancy focused on energetics, wellness, and sustainability.

Drawing upon decades of training in meditation, energy work and shamanic healing, he developed the True Home Process, a holistic approach to interior design that helps people clear their home’s energy, activate their personal vision and transform their home into their power place.

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