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Create Your Own World

Creating your own world means deciding what’s true in your world and what’s not, what the rules are of this world and even who gets to be in this world and who doesn’t. When you do this you actually kind of create your own sovereign nation inside another country. You create your own reality in the middle of the generic paradigm most of those around you are living in.

If you don’t do this you still end up living by the rule and in the world you grew up in rather than in your own and living inside an apology for who you are.


Last week we spoke about people’s core unasked questions…

And one silent question I see for the folks I work with is this: “What will it take for me to let my power be fully expressed?”

Which is another way to say, “When will it be okay for me to be fully, unabashedly me?”

For so many of us, there’s a subtle apology for being who we are…

After all, most outliers and outsiders were ridiculed, rejected and hurt by being who and how we are.

I sure was.

‘Different’ isn’t often welcomed in our family, community, and culture of origin.

It’s when you own your difference, your ‘liabilities’ become your greatest assets…

Because it’s your difference that brings uncommon and unparalleled value to your audience.

But that value is only apparent to you and your audience once you own your story.

When we’re kids, we don’t write our story – we get born into one. No matter how great of a family or community you had, there was probably something inside that felt different or not welcomed.

Maybe you grew up in a family where you didn’t feel like you fit,and asked yourself questions like, “How much of me can show up here?” and “How do I modulate who I am to be safe?”

You were seeking acceptance in somebody else’s world, not your own.

Perhaps you’re still doing this?

We want you to cultivate a world where you get to show up, and show up fully! A world designed with your rules, where you say, “Here’s what gets to be true in my world. Here’s how I get treated and how I treat others in my world. Here’s who gets to be in my world and the conditions under which they get to be in my world.”

That’s a life created by your own design, where you get to show up fully without apology – and without reservation or hesitation about sharing the fullness of who you are.

Because that’s when you truly live a life where you belong.

If you don’t create your own rules for your life, you end up living by the rules of the family, culture and world in which you grew up.

But when you craft your own rules you can become a purposeful outlier – exiting the paradigm that the dominant culture lives in!

That’s when you move from apologizing for who you are to inhabiting all you are…

From living someone else’s story to writing your own…

From hiding out to showing up…

From asking permission to giving permission.

It’s time you claim your sovereignty by writing your own story. That’s when you exit the paradigm of the story you were born into and create the paradigm you can serve from.

We see you as an unshakable leader who no longer apologizes for being a purposeful disruptor.

Our world needs loving disruption, which you can bring – and it’s time we bring it!

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