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Create A Space For All That You Feel

Feelings are not spiritual or unspiritual. Take a feeling you might be having a hard time with, like anger. The question is not whether or not it’s spiritual. The question is:

Is it something you are experiencing, are you feeling it and are you creating/allowing space for all that you feel?


Disruption as a call to Liberation

To have a new vision of a new world we must Disrupt. First you must disrupt your own life, your own status quo – the places where you find you’re too comfortable and maybe addicted to that comfort.

As you become more adept and familiar with disrupting your own status quo you’ll be more free to disrupt the status quo in this world.

It’s okay if you are not just disturbed, but disrupted right now. The ground you’ve been standing on has shaken apart.

Take time. Be in your experience.

Part of the way into higher frequencies of consciousness is actually going more deeply into your current experience – to feel it and experience it all the way through without denying any of it.

As you move into the valley and out the otherside, you will find a new resolve. That’s often where you’re connected to and starting a new future.

Any time your world has been disrupted, it indicates that a story you’ve been living has changed and a new story is emerging.

Listen and ask the question, “What is the new story that’s emerging, even if we can’t see it in front of our eyes yet?“

As you hear the answer, act! Use your feet, use your voice, pound your chest, do what you are called to do. Just be mindful of this: are you reacting to something, which keeps you engaged in the same frequency of the disruption? Or are you using the disruption as an opportunity to access a whole new frequency of consciousness, where the new story lives?

The work of liberation requires us to work in the frequency, mindset and consciousness of liberation.

Someone like Nelson Mandela worked in the consciousness of liberation. Did that liberation happen overnight? No. Was it easy to come by? No. Was it hard won? Yes. Did it require patience? Yes. Did it require fortitude? Yes. Did it require listening? Yes. Did it require understanding, seeing and articulating a new vision? Yes. Did it include broadcasting that vision, sharing that vision and having people adopt that vision to join him in that vision? Yes, yes, and yes.

Your soul chose to come to this earth at a time when you knew there would be great change. You came into this earth at a time when you knew a new story wanted to be told. You came into this earth at a time when you knew there would be increasing contrast, which creates gaps and openings for change. You came to this earth knowing that you would be a liberator at a time when this world needs great liberation.

In what may seem like dark times, know that something new is being born and birthed right now and it’s being born and birthed in and through you and throughout this world.

We are with you, we are guiding you, we are here, we’re asking you to slow down, feel all that you have to feel, then listen, because that is the foundation of joining us joining another frequency of consciousness. Then move out into this world as a liberating leader of that consciousness!

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