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A champion sh*t stirrer


In our tribe, one of the primary wounds that we share is one of not feeling that we belong – feeling like an outlier or outsider.

But to bring our work to the world, we seek to ‘fit in’… 

But it never works because we don’t belong to ourselves when we do that. 

It’s the outliers and outsiders that play the role of trailblazer, visionary, leaders on the edge, saying, “Hey, there’s something emerging over here, and I’m part of bringing it to light and to life!” 

At first, there’s no real evidence that what you see/build/develop is going to work – or that there’s an audience for it. 

But then this mysterious thing happens – you begin to claim it.

You begin to embody the discovery/download/calling that you’re here to bring. 

And bit by bit as you embody it and lay claim to it, you become the authority on it and an ambassador for it.

Because that’s why you’re here – to champion the ideas and consciousness whose time has come. 

I feel like for a lot of us, we’re apologizing for showing up – for being a shit stirrer – for being someone who is upsetting some apple cart with something new. 

But there’s a switch that can occur, where you say, “Screw it, that’s my role. I am here to be a shit stirrer. I am here to upset some apple carts. I am here to make something obsolete by bringing something new into the world.”

Because when your right people discover your visionary work, everything else for them becomes obsolete. They’ve discovered the thing that they’ve which they couldn’t get anywhere else – and they’ve discovered it through you. 

This call is to move from being an apologetic change agent, to being a provocateur with dignity and honor, with pride.

Because that pride is what’s required to champion the thing you’re on this earth to usher forth.

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