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The alchemical process of your calling


I’m someone who generally engages in things that I feel I have a pretty good chance of succeeding at. So I need to remind myself to let failure be an option – to consciously put that option back on the table.

Maybe I’ll fail at something – so what!
Do it anyway, because it’s where I feel called to go, what I feel called to do, and the next thing to explore. If I don’t allow failure to be part of the mix as one potential outcome, I stall out, drag my feet, and avoid the thing that I want to do because I feel inadequate around it.
So, what does this have to do with paradigm change?
If we are doing work where the work’s frequency is higher than the frequency we are personally living in, or that our market or humanity as a whole is in, it’s going to feel really unfamiliar – to you, to us, and to the world, but primarily to you.
Paradigm-changing work usually unfolds and reveals itself as you deliver it, so you might feel uneasy talking about it and unsure about stepping forward with it.
For those of us who like to be assured about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, and that it’s working and will work, this can be really challenging!
This challenge is amplified when you have a wound around belonging because many of us created our sense of belonging by being really good at what we do…
But being needed because we’re excellent at what we do, but not necessarily wanted, is not the same as belonging.
Often, this is a strategy that many of us developed to find a place for ourselves in a world where we didn’t feel like we fit.
So, if we’re used to having our value proposition in the world be, “I’m really good at X,” and then we get a body of work that we don’t fully understand, don’t know what comes next, or where exactly it’s going, anything related to our sense of assuredness around our value goes out the window.
Instead, we’re saying, “Hey, I’m seeing something, I’m sensing something, I’m unwrapping it and allowing it to open. And bit by bit, I’m sharing with you what I’m perceiving.” That’s a significantly different way of working, isn’t it?
This way of working asks you to move deeply into trust – trusting your own inner voice, instincts, gut sense of things, and trusting your listening or any sensing you do to perceive what’s coming through. Trust how you feel it, the visions you see in your third eye, the messages you hear in your inner ear – trust it, trust it, trust it. Not just trust it, but rely on it, because that is the new assuredness – that is the new thing you can count on.
If you’ve relied on being really good at what you do to have a place in this world, the evolution of that is relying on your relationship with Source.
Knowing that you are so rooted in your relationship with Source that you know everything you need is always available in real time, you can rely on it when you need it.
When you know that everything you need will be there when you need it, then you are just as assured, in fact more assured, that you’re going to have exactly what is required. That’s true regardless of the situation you’re in, the people you’re working with, the industry you’re in, or the collective you’re serving.
So, let’s go back to this frame around failure and success.
What if success is showing up in such a deep state of trust that what you need is always there when you need it? And by showing up in that state of trust, what’s being asked for in any person, system, team, or company you work with is at your fingertips. The evolution that is being asked for will happen because you’re being a conduit for it to be expressed so that the necessary evolution happens. That’s when the results created are exponential… and you know you can count on it!

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