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What Can I Do?

(care deeply & roar)

You can look out in this world and find any number of large scale complex problems. Many of which are not in direct reach of your own hands. Or there is some disconnect between the problem you see in the world and what is the structure of your life and your sphere of influence today.

It’s more than spouting out about injustices. The roar doesn’t start with something that comes out of your mouth. The roar comes with something you feel convicted about in your guts… at your foundation. It comes because you are connected to why you care.


When you look out in this world and find any number of large scale complex problems, many of which are not in direct reach of your own hands, there’s a question that may be rolling around in your consciousness: What can I do?

What’s the answer? Care deeply and ROAR.

This isn’t about spouting out about injustices. Your roar doesn’t start with something that comes out of your mouth. It’s not something that originates in your head. It’s something that originates in your belly – something foundational, something in your guts, with a deep sense of instinct about what you’re here to be in service to.The roar comes from something you feel deeply convicted about in your guts. It comes because you’re connected to why you care about what you care about.

Reconnect to your instinct, your care, your commitment, your roar, that fire within something that says “YES! THIS IS MY PIECE!” That’s the piece I can crusade around!

Can’t find your roar and connect to that gut instinct?
See if it’s because you don’t want to up-end the life you know.

That could include the business you’ve run, the people you serve, the marriage or relationship you’re in, the relationships you have with your kids, other family members, friends or colleagues.

When you live your roar and live from your instinct, that is when you find your piece – the thing you can really go to bat for. It WILL up-end the life you’ve known. Your life will change – it’ll grow, it’ll expand… and some things will fall away because they have no place in a life lived via instinct.

You cannot live your instinct and live for other people. They’re incompatible.

And if you want to live a life built from this deep sense of roar, this deep sense of courage, this deep sense of conviction, this deep sense of crusading for something larger than you, you must know that you have to follow your instinct. Your own instinct will lead you to your purpose, which will express that roar in this world.

And when you do, two things will happen:

  1. Things will start magnetizing to you, orient to you, be attracted to you, want to be with you and come to you. These are people, opportunities, doors opened, invitations to join something larger than you that’s already in motion that connects with your deep sense of instinct, conviction, and your biggest why.

  3. At the same time, other things will be repelled. The first thing you’re going to see that’s being repelled are old behaviors, old habits, and old ways of living. You’re going to notice that you get up in the morning, move your body and I get things humming. You’ll eat to fuel your fire, to fuel your conviction, and to fuel your joy. Certain people will stop having a place in your world, because they don’t fuel your joy… and they’re not going to enjoy being around you because it will be too discordant for their frequency to be in your frequency.

Remember, when you’re asking, “What can I do? Where do I start? How do I begin?” connect to the world around you and look for the mission that’s larger than you, because you can’t crusade around the individual but you can crusade around a mission that’s larger than you.

We each have this opportunity.

When you live from your roar, people get activated by you and the life you’re living. You become a tipping point for others and they become a tipping point for others, and the domino effect happens. You see your place in the larger world of things, where you say…

Yes, this is my purpose! I can’t do everything… but I can do this!

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