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Your calling’s time frame: yours or its?


I’ve been struggling with the time it’s been taking for a project in my business to come together… and I’ve been rather nervous and pissy  about it. Apparently I needed this week’s message… and I hope it serves you as well! 

Whose Timeframe Governs Your Calling: Yours or Its?

Every calling – every inspired idea – has its own movement, its own intelligence, and its own time frame. 

The question is, are you allowing it to express on its timeframe, or are you trying to impose your own? 

Its time frame is always the correct time frame, because your calling is organic, and just like all organic matter, it moves organically. 

You can’t rush the blossoming of the flower. The flower grows and it blossoms and the bud opens when the bud is ready to open. 

Like a flower, ideas blossom and open in our collective when they are ready to open.

That readiness is dependent upon both your ability to open to and answer your calling as well as the receptivity of the people your calling is meant to serve.

If you bring an idea or consciousness to your people too soon, they simply won’t be ready for it. Everything is constantly growing and changing: you, them, the world, and the cosmos itself.

So how could your mind possibly know the timing and readiness for what’s next? It simply isn’t equipped.

But the inspired ideas of your calling always knows the prime timing, and it’s always asking you to follow it. 

You do that by continually attuning to it, listening to it, learning from it, and implementing what’s next based on those impulses…

Rather than imposing your own will,  trying to take control of it, using your own mind’s  timeframe, and judging something when it’s not happening “fast enough.” 

Let’s acknowledge that this can be really tricky… especially in business, when we’re used to imposing our timeframes and deadlines, and judging success on the timeframes we set.

It can get particularly crunchy when you have deadlines, people, deliverables and consequences for missing them connected!

Here’s the thing to remember – your calling is always in motion. There’s ALWAYS something going on with it. And the fastest way to the outcomes for your calling are always on its timeline, not yours. 

So what happens when you’re disconnected from the lifeforce of your calling, and can’t feel its impulse for you to follow?

Can you open up to whatever aspect of you is fighting, gripping, or holding on to a perception of control? 

Can you show up to that experience rather than artificially moving into action, frantically scratching at something to do so that you don’t feel out of control?

This is a form of nervous system regulation, which allows you to enter back into a state of receptivity, where you can connect with what’s in motion already in this universe and join it.

Practices like this metabolize old wounds and allow your creative centers to open back up so you can listen again, so you participate in your calling as a co-creator in this world. 

You aren’t supposed to be great at this at first. In fact, your calling will always have you face the ways in which you keep yourself small. Your calling will always have you address outdated identities so you can step into more and more and more expansive identities that are more capable of partnering with what is calling you. 

So if you’re in the process of answering a calling, if that’s your life’s journey, know that this is a part of your journey – not an obstacle that you need to overcome.

Even if going through this process “prolongs” the timeframe around whatever you’re trying to accomplish. 

The more you practice this, the more quickly you can come back to this partnership of co-creating with your calling… which is what you want and what the world needs.

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