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What if your calling wasn’t really… yours?


What if your calling wasn’t really… yours?

What if it were simply a calling that you heard?

What if it was something that was already floating around in the collective – already animated, already alive, already moving in the world, just looking for vehicles of expression…

And because you happened to be a particularly well suited vehicle, you caught wind of it?

And once you heard it, you claimed it, 

so the lifeforce that it has came alive in you?

What if it were the hub and you were the spoke?

What if you were one of many spokes, and part of your role is to be attuned to the other spokes nearby – the people you’re meant to collaborate with, the connections you’re meant to make, the alliances that are waiting to happen…

All of which help this wheel go around, which moves this energy from the ethers into the earth. 

If you hold your calling as “mine,” it’s very “me-centric” which  comes with it all sorts of difficulties that has your ego doing backflips around, where it moves into safety mechanisms or aggrandizement. 

For those of us that have wounds around belonging – wounds around being shamed, blamed, judged, and hurt for who we are…

If your calling feels like who you are, then it can feel really risky to bring your calling to the world – because it can feel like you’re offering yourself up to the world. Ouch. 

But it is the hub, you are a spoke. You’re not the only spoke. There are many other resources connected to that calling. You are one of them.

We’re then building a relationship with it and partnering with it to support its movement into the world.

We start to attune to it, to listen to it. We start to partner with it, trusting its intelligence, knowing that that intelligence is connected to the intelligence of the whole cosmos and that that intelligence has an energy that’s already in motion. 

All it’s ever asking for us to do is to join it, to partner with it. 

And I don’t know about you but for me whenever I try to figure it all out, I tend to get stuck and stall out. 

But when I start partnering with it, using questions like:
What’s alive today?
What’s it asking of me today?
Where is it going?
How am I meant to partner with it?
What’s the next step it wants me to take? 

Well, then I’m joining something that’s already happening in this world. I don’t have to figure it out. 

Our job is to listen, and then to follow… as a leader. 

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