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Your calling is not an obligation


Your calling is not an obligation. The universe does not say, “You must.” The universe does not insist. The universe does not put demands on you – it simply supports you.

So what is a calling and where does it come from? 

There is an energetic dance between desires springing forth in the world that you’re attuned to, and your ability to respond that generates a sense of “calling.

So, if this is the nature of a calling, we hope that you can see that there are no “demands” on you by God or the universe.

The universe isn’t demanding that you answer your calling. It’s not even necessarily asking you to answer your calling, because the calling itself is a relational dance between a collective energy rising up and asking for support, and a person or group with the ability and intention of dancing with that collective energy and bringing new solutions to it.

The thing that makes it hard to understand this is that at the personality level it’s easy to feel that you “must” answer your calling. “I’ve got no other options. I have to. There’s really no other way.” 

With that response, it can feel like the universe is demanding.

But what if the universe is just an energetic field, waiting for those of us who are willing to raise their hand and say, “I’ll lend a hand. I’ll do my piece. I’ll step forward. I’ll answer the call.” 

And the universe is saying, “Great, we’ll add energy to that – we’ll add resources and support because that person is willing.”

That’s what the universe is doing. The calling itself is really between you and your people. You and the collective field that you’re in relationship to. That’s it.

There’s no insistence anywhere.

All there is, is a mixture of your soul’s desire to say yes, and your soul’s knowing that it is your intent to say yes, and your ego’s response, which sometimes is a hell no. 

  • I’m scared to step out in this direction
  • I don’t know if I have what it takes
  • I can’t see know how this will work
  • I don’t know if people will “get it” or want to buy it
  • I’m scared that it might be a huge success… and I’m not sure I can handle that!

…And therefore, I want to say no. 

AND at the soul-level, I want to say yes. 

That’s the conundrum.

But when you decide to act in faith (which includes all small steps in the direction of your calling), you send up a smoke signal to the universe saying, “Hey, I’m available. I’m more and more available!”

And the more available you become, the more support the universe sends your way.

As you allow more of this support into your world and into your life, you grow in faith, and what you will notice is that the feelings of obligation begin to disappear.

Because you are not in the field of obligation – you are in the field of co-creation… and in that field, all there is a continued, sacred yes. 

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