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Calling & Commitment

People that come into my world have a calling that there is this “thing” they are here to do. It’s in their heart and soul.

One of the things I see consistently is this push/pull or resistance people can have with their calling. There is the desire to grow but there is a gap between this desire to grow and their sense of where they are called to be.

I typically see two relationships to that gap…. desire and commitment.


When people come into my world, they have a desire to grow – to grow their audience, their message, their leadership, their spirit, their impact… that’s basically what the conversation comes down to when people enter my world – I want to grow.

There’s also usually a gap between where they are right now and their sense of where they’re called to be.

People typically have two relationships to that gap: One is desire alone. The other is desire + commitment. 

Desire is: I really want to go there. I want to grow. I want to bridge this gap. I want to have the thing I desire. I’d really love that (but I’m not actually committed to it). 

Desire + Commitment is: I can feel my heart’s desire and am committed to it! I’ve put a stake in the ground for how I am called to live my life and contribute to this world, and I am doing it and living it. 

Just look at the life you have and it will tell you what you’re committed to: You can look at your health and vitality, you can look at the quality of your relationships, you can look at your joy and satisfaction in your life, you can look at your income and level of influence in this world, you can look at your reach, you can look at how big your audience is, you can look at all of it…

And on some level say, “Oh, that’s a reflection of my commitment. That’s what I’m committed to.”

I had a call with somebody the other day who has a big calling, but was totally exhausted. She’s committed to piling things on to her plate (which is a really great strategy to avoid living your calling).

The degree to which your commitment is aligned with your desire is the degree to which you can answer your call with courage and grace.

You’re calling isn’t necessarily something to achieve. It’s an expression of who you are. There’s no getting it done. There’s only living it. 

Just scan your life and see where your life is congruent with your calling… and where your commitments are at odds with what you say you want. Allow that to be an ongoing inquiry and before you know it, you’ll experience a whole lot more ease. With more ease, there’s less drag. With less drag, there’s more speed. With more speed, there’s greater reach. And that’s the growth you’re actually looking for, isn’t it?

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