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Does your business need a warning sign?


If you’re a leader who is committed and called to be a liberator for people and systems…

You have to go to the depths, because that’s where the work of liberation is done. 

That means going to the places in people and systems that keep them bound. It’s going underneath the layers that we use to hide our secrets and shame, so the light of truth can shine on them…

Because that’s what frees up energy, and when you free up energy, you free up people. 

As messengers, we so often make the mistake of trying to appeal to a broader audience by making our messaging accessible and easy…

But that kind of messaging doesn’t attract the people and systems who are hungry, hungry, hungry for deep work and actively looking for someone who can take them there.

They might not put this desire in that language (they might not even have language for it), but after the prolonged and painful costs of their breakdowns, there is a yearning within them to touch something deeper that they know is in there… which (on some level) they know have to address to get where they want to go.

The perfect spot is when they are both:

  1.  Sick and tired of how things have been, feel numb or stuck (or for a system, frustrated and burned out)
  2. Have a vision or sense of some newpotential they know is waiting for them… which they cannot reach unless they deal with what’s keeping them stuck.

THESE are the people and systems who’ll be most willing to do the work, AND most willing to pay a premium for it… when they meet someone who can actually take them there. 

A huge part of how people know you have this capacity is they feel it in your presence… 

But marketing, messaging is often something people encounter this truth before they experience your presence. 

So there’s a form of messaging that has, along with love and wisdom has an edge of challenge in it – it comes with a warning label, saying in essence:

“Warning: this is a space for radical transformation, so if you step into this field, transformation will occur. Don’t come into this world if you are not looking for radical transformation, because that’s what’s served here.”

It generates amazing energy in your marketing and messaging, because it creates a choice point for people before they’re on a sales call with you…

And those that reach out after seeing the warning sign are far more serious and ready to invest in the support they need.

Some will say, “Thank God, I’ve finally found someone that can guide me into this arena that’s been murky and uncharted. It’s scary, but it compels me because I know that’s the direction I need to go. “

Others will see the warning sign and say, “I’m not looking for radical transformation, thank you very much. I’ll be on my merry way!” 

For example, the radical transformation warning sign in my world says, “If you’re showing up in my world, you’ve got work in the world to do. And although you’ve accomplished a lot in your life already, on some fundamental level, you know that this next calling is much bigger than anything you’ve built before. 

But the version of you that feels the bigger calling isn’t the version of you that can answer this next calling, and you know it. You’re going to have to become that person. That’ll require facing whatever old story, old identity, and old secrets you’ve been hiding from. You’ve probably felt that and resisted it… for some time. But here’s my promise when you unearth what’s been hidden and keeping you stuck: you will become the person who can see the next vision and access the kind of energy, power, and truth to build it. You can do it, and you don’t have to do it alone. 

If that’s what you’re hungry for, let’s rock and roll. If you are not interested in or willing to do that work, bless you, but this is not the place you want to be.”

That’s in my world. 

So what is the warning sign that can be placed at the entry of your world?  

What kind of radical transformation do you do, around what and in service to what? What will your people have to face, reveal, feel and embrace to get the radical transformation they need? In other words, what’s the work that’s truly required to get the promise you make? 

“Caution! If you step into this world, here’s what you’ll have to encounter. If that’s what you’re looking for, let’s connect.  If you are not, I send you my best.”

In your marketing, put the warning sign alongside your big promise and they’ll know you’re the person they need. 

It’ll let the people who aren’t ready to do the work know this isn’t the place for them right now…

And let the people who are hungry to do the work (but can’t on their own) know that you’re the person they’ve been waiting for.

Add the warning sign and you’ll see a radical shift in who comes to you, what they’re willing to invest, and the kind of results you’ll create together with that kind of alignment.

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