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Building a Place Called Home

You want a place that is yours. A place where you belong. A place where you don’t have prove yourself, or fight or push or do or hide or protect yourself. A place where you can show up fully and know you are welcome. What if simply wanting a place like is sufficient reason to create it?


So much of the ego’s wheels turn in our search to be welcomed – to fit – to find our place – for it to be okay for us to be who we are.

On some level, that’s what all wounding is about – it’s not okay for me to be who I am. I have wounding around who I am. 

Belonging liberates people from their wounds…

That’s why the purpose of belonging is liberation. 

The first stage is liberating people from their own bondage and wounding… from the ways in which they feel that they need to hide out or push and prove.

When you create a space where more and more of who they are is welcomed, celebrated, and wanted, they can show up and exhale, reassembling the fullness of who they are.

They become more present, more grounded, and more available because they have been liberated from their own wounding.

And it is these liberated people and liberated leaders that go out and become voices of liberation in this world. They become voices that liberate others and make the world okay for more and more and more people.

On some level, is that not what you’re here to do? Is that not your mission? Is that not what’s in your heart to do? To make this world more and more and more okay, for more people.

Creating a community of belonging on some level is as simple as that – making the world more okay for more people.

If you’re called to be a tribal leader and foster a community, there is a calling to gather your people – to bring them together and to lead them.

So we invite you to dream…

Not necessarily of liberation across the world and across the planet, because sometimes that is too big of a vision for our minds to be able to hold.

For today, we want you to envision a place of your own creation – a place that you have fostered. A place that has been inspired by something in you and by some hunger in your world, for your people to have a place of belonging.

We want you to imagine what kind of place this might be. What is different in this place than other places in this world? How is it different? And what does this place do for your people? How are they changed when they’re in a place where they belong? Not just in front of you. But in front of one another, side by side, networked in a community. What happens for them? How are they changed, not just individually, but how is the community changed together?

May this dream be the vision that guides you.

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