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Bringing the Warrior to the Party


Bringing the Warrior to the Party

If there’s one thing I see when it comes to people’s messages, it’s that they’re too damn safe.

It’s time to get more rascally and fierce!

Your people need to feel your stake in the ground and know what you’re taking a stand for. That’s when they know what and who you’re committed to!

Most marketing we see is not designed to attract the types of clients you want to work with, because it’s designed to speak to victims.

And the victim in all of us responds to ease.

That’s the world of “surefire formulas,” “the 3 easy steps” to this, and the “just fill-in-the-blank template” for that. It’s the world of empty promises that requires nothing from people and promises them everything – just pull the lever and out comes all the money!

If you fall into the trap of offering your people this kind of ease, you’re unintentionally marketing to the victims inside of people… and that’s who’s likely to show up.

But my friend, you’re not here to work with victims or the victim inside of us.

You’re here to do transformational work…And to call people in who are actually ready for a transformational journey, you must speak to the hero.

While the victim responds to ease, the hero responds to challenge.

This is why, if there’s one thing you can do to elevate and activate your messaging, it would be to bring your inner warrior to the party.

When your inner warrior is on board, you will challenge your people… and the right people will respond to that challenge.

There’s 1 ingredient you need to include before you challenge them… and that’s to champion them!

You do this by telling them:

Here’s who I see you to be.
Here’s what I know is possible for you.
Here’s the road that is available for you to walk on. And if you walk on it, here’s what’s possible for you.
And I know that you have this capacity because here is who you are.

That’s championing.

When you champion your people it breeds hope and trust, because when people are truly championed, they feel seen and supported.

That’s when the hero inside of them wakes up!

And then you challenge them, telling them:

Here’s the journey you’re going to have to be willing to go on.
Here is what will be required of you and the obstacles you’re likely to face. Here’s the benefit – the outcome – the promise… the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
But you’ve got to be willing to go on the journey.
I get that you may not be equipped to go on this journey.
You may not feel capable.
And here’s how I can help.

That’s how you position yourself as a guide for the hero – as the person who is built to take people on this particular journey.

The next time you’re reviewing your copy, ask yourself this:

  • Is the warrior inside of me alive and awake and on the job as I’m writing this copy?
  • Can I feel in this copy that I am both championing and challenging my people?
  • Is there a sense of a bigger mission that we are on in this copy?

It’s got to feel risky to you, in a good way…

Because if your copy doesn’t challenge you, it won’t challenge your reader.

Rather than promising the moon, take a massive stand for your people. Hold them as capable of the journey they’re called to go on and offer them a path forward.

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