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Bleassing it All


Blessing it all

This is an invitation to bless all things.

Everything becomes blessed by blessing what is…

By claiming that all things are well… even when we don’t know how that’s true. 

When something is difficult, painful, or otherwise ‘crunchy’…

When something has alienated you from the life you’ve known…

When you want to give up and throw in the towel…

Can you practice blessing the situation you’re in, the challenge you’re facing, and the life you actually have right now?

Not blessing it because you can see the beauty of it. 

Not blessing it because you know what the outcome will be.

Not blessing it in some Pollyanna “I want to stay positive and keep everything in love and light” kind of way…

Instead, bless it without knowing how it’s going to turn out. 

Can you bless it then and say, “All is well… and I really don’t know how that’s so right now!”

Or maybe it’s more like, “I f-ing hate this experience! I don’t have a clue about how ‘all is well’ can be true! But I’m choosing to bless what’s in front of me, holding that all is well.”

You may ask, “How can we hold to a truth that all is well if we don’t know that it is true yet?”

We would ask, “What aspect of you is saying, that you don’t know that all is well?”

Is it your mind that likes to grip and have control in order to feel assured about some future outcome in order to say, all is well?”

Is it true that all is well only when you can see how that’s so, or only when you feel you have control over it?

Perhaps better language for that would be, “When I feel like I’m in control, I feel a sense of safety, and that makes me feel that all is well.”

But when feeling a sense of safety is dependent on feeling in control, life has the upper hand.

If you can stay in control, you’re safe and all is well. 

But if life throws you off access, suddenly you lose a sense of control and things are no longer well. 

You’re at the effect of what’s getting thrown at you based on what you feel you can control and cannot control or don’t have control over. 

That’s not the version of all is well we are speaking of. 

Instead, this kind of all is well is located in stillness. It’s located in nature. It’s located in the trust in life, including life’s mysteries.

Here’s the offering we have for you today…

“All is well because life guides me. I don’t always know how. In fact, I usually can’t see how. But when I look at a tree and can stand in awe of its natural brilliance, I know that all is well. There’s an organic symbiosis with life that I’m in touch with, where I trust life, and life trusts me.”

Or perhaps it’s this prayer: “Show me how this is so. Let me experience the truth that all is well, even in this moment.”

This place of all is well is located somewhere more mysterious than our logic. It’s in our hearts, in our bones, and in our spirits. This kind of all is well comes from a place of unity – of oneness with all that is.

So the invitation is to practice blessing what is, even if – especially if – what’s in front of you is difficult. Practice saying, “All is well, and damn it, and I do not know how, but I will bless what is and claim it as true!” 

Here’s why this matters to us as Courageous Messengers:

When you are an edge rider in the midst of expansion, reaching the edges of who you knew yourself to be, what you knew your life to be, and what life is calling you embrace, build, and launch in the world…

This practice of blessing is essential.

Regularly moving off the beaten path in life and out of a sense of control based on current circumstances can be challenging to your psyche and to your nervous system, and blessing what is can help you move back into a state of trust, calming the nervous system.

And the further you go into reaching into what life is calling forth in you and from you, the further out of control you will be in terms of your mind’s sense of being able to grip it and control it and hold it. 

Our practice is to move more and more deeply into a state of receptivity, of listening, of attending to a deeper rhythm than the frenetic beat in our culture. There’s a paradox here: as the world speeds up, if we’re going to be leaders on the edge, it requires us to slow down, so that we can lead.

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