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Between Identities


When you are called to a new level of your calling, it often entails an evolution in who you’re serving, the service you’re providing, and the role you are playing in society. 

It also entails an upleveling of who you think you are.

In fact, by the time you consciously realize that your soul is calling you to grow, the version you’re currently thinking of as “yourself” is old news. It’s an outdated identity – a husk to sluff off so you can reveal the new skin underneath.

At the same time your soul has an anchor for the next expression of you and it’s pulling you towards it! That’s the inner call you feel!

So at a deep level you know that you are no longer the person you’ve been…

And yet you haven’t fully stepped into this next expression of who you are. 

You are between identities. 

The habit when the next-level of your calling feels daunting, overwhelming, or threatening is to have your fear try to drive you back to your last known good configuration – back to the last version of who you thought we were. But that version is already old news, so that isn’t even really there anymore – there’s no juice to drive anything forward from that place… and you feel that! 

It can be crazy-making…

So here’s the invitation: 

Practice meditating with that version of you that your soul is anchoring in real time. Feel into who that person is – feel their energy, see how they hold themselves and how they see the world. See and experience yourself as this person now. The more you experience that you are this person now, the more you become that person consciously. 

Here’s the cool thing… 

That expanded expression of you sees things and knows things that the old version of you hasn’t had access to!

The things you’re working to “figure out,” the clear vision of where to go, the bigger picture of what the business will look like, what people will resonate with…

None of that is accessible to the outdated version of you – but the emergent self has access to all of it!

And the more you share from your expansive self, the more your next audience will pay attention to you because you’re sharing the wisdom that they are lacking and are hungry to hear!

That’s when the big ideas that you weren’t sure how to get off the ground become real, get adopted and start to spread.

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