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Being a leader for your tribe


I was feeling really stuck the other day, working hard and getting nowhere…

So I finally took a break and meditated.

I tuned into my inner guidance and the message came immediately…

“Jeffrey, you have to lead your tribe.”

I immediately saw that I’d been focused on “figuring things out” and “getting it right” for a project I was working on. 

It’s a recipe for stuckness and a lot of crappy mental chatter – and it isn’t leading.

It was a wake up reminder that I’m a leader, and that I’m here to lead my people.

When I’m focused on that leadership, everything gets clear, my energy lines up, and I know right where to focus.

I find that there are two distinct mindsets for service providers:

The practitioner mindset & the leadership mindset.

The practitioner mindset is often a helping frame. 

I help people with X. I help them get Y. I help, I help, I help. 

So you’re a helper with a modality or set of modalities that you use to serve people – to help them.

That can cause you to think of yourself as a kind mechanic – the one doing the work.

But there’s an alternate frame – the leadership frame. 

If we adopt the understanding that leadership is our job, it adds a whole additional element to how we approach our work, how we provide service to our people, and how we talk about our work in the market. 

In the leadership frame, you take ownership of your role in people’s lives. Ownership may seem like a funny word, but if you think about people you love, there’s always ownership in terms of endearment language…

My love. My sweetheart. My beloved.

If you love your people, they are your people!!! 

They’re in your heart. 

And when people are in your heart, there’s a way that you show up and interact with them that’s imbued with deep care + compelling conviction, propelled by vision…

Because leaders lead with vision. 

You see a higher vision for people and what’s possible through them in this world…


If there is no vision, people don’t know what to move towards – and they don’t know why to follow you. 

So the big question is: are you willing to lead your tribe?

If you’re in my world, you’re called to be a leader for your people, activating a new story for what’s possible through them in this world. 

That’s leadership.

It’s painting the picture of them living their actualized potential, and of the impact they can have on the world doing that… 

Then putting a stake in the ground for it and sending out the messages that it connects with their soul knowing and has them follow it. 

The bad news is that there’s a lack of true leadership in the world. 

The good news is that there’s a huge gap you can fill if you choose to step up.

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