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Being a “bridge” person


I sometimes hear people lament the business side of answering their calling…

“Do I have to do the business piece?” “Do I have to play this marketing game?”

I get it and have lamented it myself, especially when I feel stuck trying to push boulders up hills.

Years ago, I was feeling lost and knee-deep in frustration about where I fit in the market…

I was talking to my guidance and saying, “What am I already? Am I like a business guy or a spiritual teacher?”

The message came back loud and clear: “Don’t you get it? You’re both. You are here to put the two back together.” 

And that’s when it finally landed for me that one of my roles is to weave together these seemingly disparate worlds of spiritual guidance, purpose, and mission + business, marketing, and money-making.

So for the past 20 years, whether I’ve been consciously aware of it or not, I’ve been building bridges between the worlds of spirituality and business.

That’s why I’m doing the sales training I just launched – because we need sales methods that are both incredibly effective on the business side and rooted in integrity and purpose on the spiritual side.

I consider myself a “bridge” person… and you’re probably one too. 

Our role is to bridge worlds.

We start out learning the discipline(s) in which we work, growing our skill, craftsmanship, and mastery.

Over time, we learn other disciplines that fascinate us, and we start to see intersections of different disciplines. Sometimes it feels like we’re seeing intersections no one else has noticed. As we weave these things together, we discover something new that maybe no one has discovered before!  

Whether or not we were consciously aware of it, there’s been a muse guiding us the whole time… explore this, think about that, question this, develop that!

Sometimes it’s guiding us quietly in the background with hunches and ideas that seem to pop in from nowhere. Other times it’s a loud, insistent inner voice saying, “Go there! Do that! Share this!”

And if we follow that ongoing symphony of impulses faithfully enough and long enough, we end up in a whole new world with work that is infused with a whole new consciousness.

This work can be messy and amazing, fun and frustrating, heart-wrenching, and incredibly rewarding. 

You don’t have to do it perfectly, and you don’t have to have it all figured out (you never will because it’s constantly unfolding). 

It’s more about following the muse, then leading.

When you first sense or see a new intersection, we get it instinctively…

But trying to talk about it coherently (let alone persuasively) takes work. 

It’s the work of translation, which is foundational to being a bridge-person. 

Ultimately the purpose of being a bridge-person is bringing a new wave of consciousness to audiences that we’re uniquely positioned to speak to as stewards of the work, so that we connect with the people that the work is uniquely positioned to serve.

When we do, it creates new possibilities for them and the world because it ushers in a whole new story for them and for the world.


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