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Are You a Threat or an Invitation?


Your job is to till the soil in people’s lives, which brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the surface so that new life can grow. 

The people who are asking for that and are willing to pay you for it are people who know that the soil in their life is kind of dead – there’s something inside that says, “I need new oxygen! I need new life to be brought to the surface of my life!”

They don’t have words for it.

They don’t have language for this, but they feel it and experience it. 

When you show up in your power, you show up as a tiller of soil, bringing new life to the deadness inside of people.

For some people, that’s a threat.

For others, it’s an invitation. 

Let me say that again… if you’re a paradigm changer, who you are is both a threat and an invitation. 

A threat to people who don’t want change…

And an invitation to those who are hungry for it.

Your job is to not determine which one you’re going to be ahead of time! 

You’re not here to assess situations and try to determine if you’ll be a threat or an invitation.

That is not up to you.

And the moment you think it is your job is when you put a shroud over yourself, seeking to hide who you are.

Sure, you may no longer be a threat… but you also stop being an invitation!

Your job is to just keep showing up.

You show up and you show up and you show up. 

And eventually, at some point, even if you were a threat to certain people at one time, they might flip and receive the invitation that you are.

So let me ask you this: if you gave up trying to manage whether you’re perceived as a threat or perceived as an invitation, and instead you just showed up with all your essence, mastery, and gifts in hand… What would change in your life? 

How would you feel?
What kind of respect would you command?
What kind of messenger would you be? 
What would happen in your business? 
Who would want to rally around you and support the kind of work you’re doing because it’s the kind of work they see needs to be done? 

There is a whole world in front of you that you have yet to explore. It’s the world that’s waiting for you when you give up any shred of apology for who you are.

Remember, the world shows up for you when you show up in the world!

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