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All Wounds Have A Purpose

The purpose of a wound is not just to clean the wound, not just to heal the wound. The wound has it’s own purpose in supporting you in your purpose. And while it’s still hard at work those wounds are somewhat opaque or invisible to us. They are in the background doing their thing, serving their purpose. Once the purpose has been served they often become blatant and in our face.


Years ago, my guidance showed me that all wounds are a gift and have their own purpose in supporting you in your purpose and life mission.

And while our wounds are still hard at work, they are somewhat opaque or invisible to us. They’re in the background, doing their thing, serving their purpose.

But once the purpose has been served, the wound often shows up in really obvious ways in our lives. They’re in our face, sometimes in neon lights. Oh, wow – THAT’S the thing I need to deal with.

When we realize the gift of the wound, we can bless it rather than trying to “fix” it. That’s what generates true healing and integration, which supports us in becoming more whole, strong, and available to the next iteration of our calling.

One of my early lessons around this is from 2011. I built a very successful event and coaching company with my business partner at the time, Suzanne, and we had one particular event that was particularly magical.

People were getting huge breakthroughs, I felt like I was deeply in my genius zone, and our sales from the event were fantastic.

I had been on a quest for mastery – to be the best in the world at what I do – for many years. On the final day of this event, I acknowledged that I had achieved my quest – I had developed something that I was the best in the world at.

The problem was that the next day was just another Monday, and that was really disturbing to me.

Somewhere in my consciousness, I had made up that when I achieved mastery, my life would magically change. I don’t even know what I thought would happen, but I did not think it would be just another Monday.

After some inner work I discovered an old abandonment wound and a four-year-old part of me that made the decision to be the best in the world at what I do to ensure people would need me and not leave me.

What Spirit said to me when I made this discovery was, “Jeffrey, this abandonment wound drove your quest to be the best in the world at what you do. The higher purpose of your abandonment wound was the development of your mastery. And you do need mastery for what you’re meant to do in this world. Now that you’ve acknowledged you have accomplished that, this wound has served its purpose, which is why you’re now seeing it and can do the necessary healing and integration of this wound.”

If you have a wound that’s showing up on your journey, it may be an unexpected, well-disguised gift.

The wound may feel like it’s blocking your path forward, but instead of fighting against the wound or trying to fix it, I invite you to listen to it, learn from it, and discover its higher purpose in your life.

I promise it’ll be much easier to bless it, heal it and integrate the gift it has brought to you…

A gift you’ll see is absolutely necessary for the gift you’re here to bring next on your journey.

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