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Activating a New World for Your Audience

Aligning with the field of reality, the field of truth where the new world that’s waiting for us exists. To live there, to understand more and more and more of it, to experience it and embody it and then to be a courageous messenger to share what is possible.


Walk your talk if you want people to listen and follow.

Here’s the translation of that as it relates to you being in the energy and frequency of your calling…

The field is always aligned with your highest truth. So when you align with the field, you’re aligned with your own highest truth.

Now, you have been called to be a courageous messenger. What makes it courageous when it comes to “the field?” It’s that you are speaking about an experience that the folks you’re meant to be in front of don’t necessarily yet understand. They don’t understand this new world you’re here to invite them into. They’ve not seen it the way you have, they’ve not gotten the downloads, the intuitive hits, the sensation of it. They don’t feel the truth of it the way that you do.

The invitation for you is for you to LIVE in the world that you’re inviting people into.

So often we live in the world we know, the world that’s familiar to us, the “old world” as it were… Not the world that taps us on the shoulders, not the world where we see at least glimpses of it or get hints of it or feel it a bit.

So often we’re trying to say some version of “There’s a new world – let me tell you all about it! Life can be different! Come join me! It’s so great here!” But too often, we do that while not being in that new world. We try to “sell” the new world while being in our old world, rooted in the same world that the folks we’re inviting people to join us are in.

Even if yes, you’ve glimpsed it, you’ve seen it, you know what’s possible. Maybe you plug into it periodically. If you’re not living in the new world while you’re teaching and speaking, creating, and leading, the people you’re speaking to, will not feel the new world you’re inviting them into. They won’t feel it.

The only way for people to believe that a new world is possible is for them to feel the new world – for them to experience the new world…

Feeling something and experiencing something is beyond the intellect. Embodiment creates knowing. So if you’re here to help invite people into a “new world” – a new reality – a new possibility, part of how your people will get a taste of that “new world” is being around someone who’s anchored in the new world. Rather than your message being a thought or idea for your audience, it becomes an experience.

When they are in your field – your electromagnetic field – they feel a different frequency. They feel that not only are you talking about the new world you’re inviting them into – you KNOW it! You live there, you play inside of it, you enjoy it! That’s where the transcendent nature of your message is!

When your audience is around you in that field they too will begin to KNOW it. That’s when you build an audience, gather a community and build support around the part of the “new story for Humanity” that you’re here to activate.


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